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  1. if you run the app from a hidden user (task scheluder for example) you can`t see the aplication, you can only see it in task manager as a process but no user preview, this way the regular user can`t shut it down, but unfortunately the tech suport can`t see either whats going on with the burner. i`ll do the updates and stuff and see how it goes. Regards
  2. I get the ID for the burner using IMGBurn because sometimes the client has the brilliant ideea to change letters, the 1x speed is a reference speed since the best thing about your program is that if the disc doesn`t support a specific write speed it auto detects the right one and burns with it , the bad thing of my script is that its written in 2 stages 1. make iso 2. burns ... because i need to know where the problem is, usually the program hangs at burning stage, where in most cases i can`t check the real error because i have no logs (i`m running the script on hidden user for security) a real time log or even a temp file would help a lot, at least in my case
  3. i`ll switch on UDF 1.02 and test some more with UDF Yes, SP3 really slows them down, i say it from personal experience but we are talking about something like Celeron 2.00 Ghz, from 256MB up to 1 GB RAM, on higher configs i try to have SP3 as default. any chances i can find the current IMGBurn Process log in a temp directory or something if so can i have its location pls Edit: got it... unfortunately writes only on exit Indeed a good info, never thinked about it this way anyway looks like the new bunch of RW`s i got now are some LG+RW, i`ll keep an eye on this ones and see how it goes Maybe the burning script has problems? Old One: Start "Scrie_ISO" /wait /min "C:\Program Files\ImgBurn\ImgBurn.exe" /MODE WRITE /SRC "D:\Iso\arhiva.iso" /DEST 1:0:0 /COPIES 1 /SPEED 1x /ERASE /VERIFY NO /DELETEIMAGE YES /START /CLOSE /WAITFORMEDIA /LOG "D:\Iso\scriere.log" /EJECT YES New one (did some adjustments on log write method and speed): Start "Scrie_ISO" /wait /min "C:\Program Files\ImgBurn\ImgBurn.exe" /MODE WRITE /SRC "c:\Iso\arhiva.iso" /DEST 1:0:0 /COPIES 1 /SPEED MAX /IGNORELOCKVOLUME /ERASE /VERIFY NO /DELETEIMAGE YES /START /CLOSE /WAITFORMEDIA /LOGAPPEND /LOG "c:\Iso\scriere.log" /EJECT YES
  4. well one of the theory`s is that it might have something to do with PC RAM Memory or processor(when the user uses too much resources IMGBurn gets out of memory or something and destroys the DVD), because i can`t upgrade to SP3 since it will slow down the PC`s a lot, I/O tab is usually untouched, i`m trying to keep defaults as much as possible this is the command line i was using before this one (maybe i got something wrong in it?): Start "Construieste_ISO" /wait /min "C:\Program Files\ImgBurn\ImgBurn.exe" /MODE BUILD /BUILDMODE IMAGEFILE /SRC "D:\ARHIVA\" /DEST "D:\Iso\arhiva.iso" /FILESYSTEM "UDF" /UDFREVISION "2.01" /VOLUMELABEL "Arhiva" /OVERWRITE YES /rootfolder yes /start /LOG "D:\Iso\iso.log" /close /noimagedetails Oh and as a PS: is there any possibility that the IMGBurn Log can be written in real time not at the end of operation? or a location to its temp file? because if you run the script from another user than the one logged you can`t see its state and sometimes IMGBurn happens to just hang and waiting for something and i can`t see whats the problem, would help A LOT Update your burner's firmware, as that ensures it knows how to handle your dodgy media. You could also try with Verbatim DVD+RW (notice it's plus RW) media, as with that type of media you can simply overwrite the disc, no need to erase first. the upgrade sounds good, but i doubth +RW will help me too much since the data burned has same names and usually Archives so it will have to erase the dvd anyway, problem is that for some clients works like a charm even if theyr PC`s specs are a lot under the ones i`m having problems with, thats why i have to try almost everything to get to a conclusion
  5. well it seems that more and more of the customers i`m using the UDF build command script gets error message like the one from the log below... even if i change the DVD`s and stuff... still after a while they get the message or the quick erase doesn`t work at all... if i full erase the DVD the write works ok again but still only for a while, usually 2-3 weeks then again the error or the DVD becomes completely unusable, so my guess is, it has something to do with the building process, so i`m just gonna change it and see how it goes because we had some problems in the past using the old archiving tech with Cd Record as burner and UDF mode.
  6. I`m running an image build command line like this: Start "Construieste_ISO" /wait /min "C:\Program Files\ImgBurn\ImgBurn.exe" /MODE BUILD /BUILDMODE IMAGEFILE /SRC "c:\ARHIVA\" /DEST "c:\Iso\arhiva.iso" /FILESYSTEM "ISO9660 + Joliet" /VOLUMELABEL "Arhiva" /OVERWRITE YES /rootfolder yes /start /LOG "c:\Iso\iso.log" /close /noimagedetails my question is: if i manually open ImgBurn, and go to mode Build, and from there select Advanced TAB-> Restrictions and for instance i check "Allow more than 8 directory Levels" and "Allow More Than 255 Characters..." and so on, when i will call the command line script will it preserve the checked settings i just did manually in ImgBurn Build Mode? because for some reason i can`t use the UDF when burning .iso
  7. 1. THE LOG IS CREATED AFTER THE BURN IS DONE if imgburn.exe process just hangs in the air nothing happens...cuz the burn is not finished so the writting log is not created 2. I cannot see the window log since the aplication is running as a different user from scheduler, that means i can on only see the imgburn.exe in the process list from CTRL+ALT+DELETE thats all i can see since running an aplicantion from a different user than the one logged in from scheduled task auto hides the aplication u`re running... so how do i find out whats happening?
  8. how can i check the log? if it doesn`t finish the cd? the aplication runs as different user therefore i can`t see imgburn window, and since it doesn`t finish burning the cd there`s no log....does it have a some kind of temp log i can search for? if so can you tell me its location?... thx LUK!
  9. Hi all and thx LUK! for this great software i`ve made a 3 batch script combo: Main script that calls createiso.bat and writeiso.bet all works fine until i put the main scrit in scheduler to run as Administrator windows account or any other account thats different than the one i`m logged in...i can`t see anything since i can`t see the imgburn window in backroud...yet i`ve put imgburn to make logs after it does a task...creating iso works great...sometimes it closes the imgburn process too, but when it comes to the burning batch step...it launches the ImgBurn.exe and hust hangs on....doing nothing, not even loading my DVD/CD ( i can tell that by the noise and by no working led).... so i`ve studied better and realised that i can do all this things in 1 batch... heres my line: were`s the mistake cuz when i run it normali from cmd works good...when i put it on scheduler and run it from there as a different user than the one logged in same old story...imgbunr starts and just hangs in the air... you guys see something wrong in my command? cuz i tryed finding one for a lot of time
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