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  1. Thanks -- the other posts talked about it getting stuck there in general, but my hang seems specific to when ImgBurn does not have the focus. It works fine if the ImgBurn window is selected. So from your response it seems this will fix both ... thanks much!
  2. Hello. First post ... searched for this issue, but did not find it. ImgBurn version Windows XP SP3 ATAPI iHAP222 Drive (internal) If ImgBurn does not have focus during an audio CD burn/verify request, it cycles the tray, prepares for verify, and gets to this point: [previous actions are normal] I 08:32:29 Image File Sectors: 277,448 (AUDIO/2352) I 08:32:29 Image File Size: 652,557,696 bytes I 08:32:29 Image File File System(s): None I 08:32:29 Read Speed (Data/Audio): MAX / MAX But then it never reaches "Verifying Session..." or a status of "Verifying Sectors..." even if I bring it into focus. The status reads: Analysing Tracks... (Session 1, Track 4) [or whatever the last track of the CD is] Pause/resume doesn't work. The CD remains spinning. The only function that works is cancel. Checking the CDs by playing them works, but I have to remember to give ImgBurn focus every time the tray cycles. Sometimes I miss it, and have to play the CD to be sure. Just FYI unless there's a fix! Thanks, Dennis (Kalvos)

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