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  1. rosski

    Wave-ex file support is missing?

    um i see, well i just installed ac3 filter lite, and tried it again, but i think it must be some glitch in my system. probably windows 7. thanks for looking into it though.
  2. rosski

    Wave-ex file support is missing?

    sent... i just also noticed that 32bit fails with wave-ex on or off. but 16bit only works with wave-ex off. I did installed k-lite(full) so not sure whats the prob. i run 64bit version of windows 7. cheers, Ross
  3. Hi, I had a problem and found the solution. Thought I would post my findings. When I tried to create a CUE file with some WAV files I have, I suddenly got this error: ConnectFilters(Source, Sample Grabber) Failed! I found a few threads here which didnt help me to resolve it. I thought it was because my WAV was 32bit, but it wasnt that. Then I finally found an option when I created my Wav. I use windows 7 + cubase sx5. The option was called "Don't use wave extensible format". I checked this box and then imgburn added it to my cue list perfectly. From this information it leads me to think, its either I need codecs\filters for Wave-Ex format, or your software isn't set up to handle it? I dont know much about wave-ex, also I don't really require a patch as I have a work-around, but I thought I would come here and post, and help out. WAVE-EX wave extensible format http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/device/audio/multichaud.mspx ... great software lightning ;-)

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