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  1. No you can't, and if it is a disc image, iTunes will go out and correctly identify the CD and import with the song names, artist etc. properly. What virtual CD burner supports taking a flac/cue combination and turn it into a virtual CD? Or are you saying there is one that imgburn can write to?
  2. I know I can take a .CUE file with a batch of FLAC files and burn to disc. What I would prefer to do is write it to an image file which I could mount as a virtual CD to read into iTunes. Is this possible. I have tried build mode, but that does not really do the trick as it just writes the flac files as DATA files instead of creating an audio cd image. Am I asking the impossible? It would be really nice to be able to make a quick image, mount, rip to iTunes and then pitch the image file. Thus avoiding writing to media or read/write media (which is very slow).
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