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  1. Just installed IMGBurn. Want to burn CD from file on computer hard drive. It sees the folder containing the file I want. But clicking on the folder, or asking the app to "Open", it doesn't see any files inside the folder. I've tried it with different types of files, putting the file in different folders, etc. Doesn't matter - it doesn't see the files , only folders containing the files. ?? (I found the "Search" function here useless).
  2. Read positive reviews of ImgBurn and want to try it. Downloaded it yesterday from your website. It began installation, then eventually asked if I want the "Ask" toolbar installed. I unchecked the box or specified "No". At that point I got the Windows Vista revolving circle, and the message that ImgBurn (Installer) is Not Responding. Then it recovered and finished the install. I then discovered that it had installed the "Ask" toolbar on my IE browser. Had to do a System Restore to get rid of it. Would like to be reassured that it is indeed possible to download and install ImgBurn and avoid the "Ask" toolbar.
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