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    Blu Ray from ISO

    I downloaded the trial versions of TMPGEnc Video Mastering and ConvertXtoHD to try them out. I couldn't make any sense of the TMPGEnc and couldn't see any way to use it to make an ISO. It's possible it's some other TMPGEnc product that does that, or more likely I just didn't understand what I was looking at. I was able to use ConvertXtoHD to make the blu-ray folder, and then used ImgBurn to make an ISO of that and then make the disc. That all went fine, so I'll likely buy ConvertXtoHD. I think it was $30 or $40, which isn't so bad. I think I can skip the step of converting the folder to an ISO and just have ImgBurn make the disc directly from the folder, but I'm used to having ISOs of all my projects.
  2. crg223

    Blu Ray from ISO

    Yeah, Encore will definitely do it if I still had a functioning copy of Encore. That's what I always used in the past. I just have to find an alternative that won't break the bank.
  3. crg223

    Blu Ray from ISO

    Correct. Encore creates the kind of ISO that when you burn it to DVD it shows up as BDMV folders. Evidently (and this is what I didn't realize until now), imgburn does not. Imgburn is still highly useful to me for burning discs once I have an ISO (of the right kind), but the kind of ISOs it makes aren't what I need. (I'm not greatly surprised by that. It very much had a "too good to be true" quality to it that imgburn was going to do for me what I had paid hundreds of dollars for Encore to do.) So my next step is to research what is my best option to replace Encore in the process. I think tmpgenc might do it, but I need to look into it more.
  4. crg223

    Blu Ray from ISO

    It's a film I made with Premiere Pro. It's an M2T file. In the past I've always used Premiere Encore to make an ISO file from the M2T file, and then if I needed discs--DVD or blu ray--I burned them from the ISO file using imgburn. And that always worked fine. This time, since Encore no longer works for me, I used imgburn to create an ISO file from the M2T file. I then burned a blu ray disc from the ISO file using imgburn. In the past, that has always resulted in a disc that plays automatically when inserted, and that shows up in my files and folders as a BDMV folder. This time it instead resulted in a disc that does not play automatically but has to be double-clicked, and that shows up in my files and folders as an M2T file--what I started with, in other words.
  5. crg223

    Blu Ray from ISO

    This is probably a dumb question, but is there a problem making a blu ray disc from an ISO with imgburn, when the ISO itself was created from a video file using imgburn? In the past I've always used Encore to make ISOs and then used imgburn to make discs (DVD or blu ray) from those ISOs. I didn't even realize you can make ISOs with imgburn until after Encore got so buggy and I had so many problems with it that it became unusable and I was looking for an alternative. So this is the first time I made an ISO with imgburn. I then used the ISO to make a blu ray, and it seemed to all go fine, the way it always has before. But what it actually created appears not to be the kind of blu ray disc to play in a blu ray player, but just a recreation of the original video file that it transferred to the disc. I mean, I can play it in my computer, because I could play the original video file in my computer, but I assume this won't play in a blu ray player. (I don't have a standalone blu ray player, but I'm making discs for people who do.) In looking through the guide, it sounded like maybe the part about "burn" versus "write" was relevant, but it indicated you should get a warning if you're doing the wrong one, and no warning popped up for me. Plus I don't see where one would change it. (I haven't changed the settings or anything in any way from what they have always been when I created discs successfully.)

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