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  1. For me this option is very useful it's permit to add in my software an option for direct burn an Windows XP folder without create an ISO file. If it's possible to add this, it's great for me, and another person I suppose !
  2. I remark that in build mode, if I make a bootable disc and save project, the contenat of bootable disc option is not save in ibb files ! Another remark, in advanced for build mode, please add in media CD-R(W) 74, 80 min
  3. I have an idea for simply support audio file with ImgBurn ! Foobar2000, it's a free project of audio file player. With this freeware, it's exist a optional components for burning CD Audio, but this optional components use Nero ! If a person create a Optionnal Components for Foobar with support ImgBurn, it's great ! I make a demand on official forum of Foobar but anybody make it !
  4. Thanks for reply, For the moment I'm using the soft in external installation.
  5. I'm using a system with call ImgBurn. But I would like dire"ctly integrate for simplify
  6. My program is a freeware and not a commercial program ! For the moment, my programs is not released, but in a few weeks, is online in final version for free ! Just system of donation !
  7. Hello, I create a little application like nLite, it's named Cr?ateurXP and it's a freeware. For the moment my soft is in beta stage and not in public release, but the public release gone in a ferw weeks. I would like include the best program for burn iso file : ImgBurn, directly in my soft. It's possible to include it ? If yes I add licence agreement of Lighting UK and link to your site, and other if you want !
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