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  1. I just did a little reading in the other topics and according to Cynthia enable the MSCE option for bittsetting automatically does change the book type to DVD-ROM for all + media, therefore pls regard my question invalid Sorry for spamming.
  2. Hi! I have this old Pioneer 212D drive. I modfied the latest firmware using MSCE enabling bitsetting change and flashed it back on. Now I assume this doesnt automatically set the book type to DVD-ROM for all DVD+R/DVD+RW media, it just enables it to be set through a software like IMGburn. If this is correct, cant this functionality be added to IMGBurn in future versions to take advantage of the modified firmware? Cheers! Laci
  3. Hi! Attached screenshot for evidence that IMGburn ignores the maximum read speed I set for audio on my Pioneer DVR-212D. Cheers, Laszlo

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