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  1. Max Ader

    Bug with and AD-7263S

    After flashing new FW, reseting CMOS and etc. it work well. In any case right now. Don't know what influenced Thanks!
  2. Max Ader

    Bug with and AD-7263S

    Ok. When I get home. If I trying to run Imgburn with disk - all freezes on "Searching for SCSI/ATAPI devices...". Without disk its see SATA DVD±RW/RAM drive. I will try it.
  3. Max Ader

    Bug with and AD-7263S

    Optiarc AD-7263S FW1.00 AMD SB800 AHCI driver Windows 7 x64 With all work well. Imgburn with disk in drive can't start at all and stall still if insert disk after start.

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