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    Retiring Yoda

    Ditto that and since I live in Canada I know we would be reluctantly agreeable to letting the UK! hang on to that hot Duchess - even though she wants to move here - in return for an update.
  2. big_duggy

    Retiring Yoda

    I posted at Videohelp and was re-directed. It's not an error as such, just a niggle. Have been trying permutations of the command line to try and override the popup to no avail. I have a pile of CD/DVD's (100 ish) that are used to save years of downloaded files. Using the listed command on a DVD, the program generates a nice .iso file. If a CD is used, the Yoda message pops up and if I want an ISO (and I do) a 'Yes' is required. As I'm not too familiar with the program, and I don't see a setting to by-pass the pop-up, I need help with the command if possible, to have it ignore Yoda and continue saving as .iso. "c:\program files\imgburn\imgburn.exe" /MODE ISOREAD /SRC F: /DEST "Z:\Ripped\Disks\[DISC_LABEL].iso" /START /CLOSE
  3. In Tools > Settings > Page2 > Layer Break > Check Seamless, but i don't want to sacrifice a DL disk to see what it does. Also, if you opt for 'Create image files from files/folders' > Advanced > Media, you can set a huge custom single layer disk >don't know if it works under CLI.
  4. big_duggy

    DVD Book Type

    Thank you!
  5. big_duggy

    DVD Book Type

    I know that ImgBurn can tell me the Book Type of a DVD - but can this information be read using a hex edit program or is the information not accessable?
  6. big_duggy

    Adding Files To Bootable Image

    Many thanks;it worked perfectly.
  7. Using Windows 7 and ImgBurn I tried to add files to a bootable ISO, but the new ISO, when burned to CD, failed to boot. So, decided to simply recreate the original ISO and see if it would boot - many times and keep getting the same failure. Can't figure where I am screwing up. 1.Created an image file from original disk 2.Mounted that image on Virtual Drive H: 3.Create image file from files/folders, selected drive H: as source in left pane. 4.Extracted boot image from original disk and agreed to use it and let it fill in the required boxes. 5.New cdrom.iso created 6.Burned to CD. 7.Checksum error when PC booted from disk. I tried variations where I got the boot image from the ISO using 7Zip, but the results were the same. I added the images showing the files in case they help.

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