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  1. engine

    Error with Patin-Couffin

    I think this error didn't happen back when I was using nVidia and Silicon Image controllers. Now I am using a single Intel controller exclusively. This might be an Intel Patin-Couffin issue. Kind regards.
  2. I just updated the AutoIt scripts. In case anyone is interested. It installs the shortcuts for AllUsers. It will work with future versions of ImgBurn. Hopefully! Just place the ImgBurn installer in the same path as the scripts. Then run the ImgBurn.au3 script or compile it. Kind regards.
  3. engine

    Error with Patin-Couffin

    Thanks for the links. I would like to report my findings. I switched to ElbyCDIO DLL while Patin-Couffin was still installed and I got the same type of error while trying to quick erase a DVD+RW. After that I uninstalled Patin-Couffin and restarted the system. Tried to quick erase the same DVD+RW while using ElbyCDIO DLL and I didn't got any kind of error. I am now burning the same DVD+RW to check if the same type of error appears at the end of the burn. Kind regards. PS: ElbyCDIO DLL appears to be fine.
  4. engine

    Error with Patin-Couffin

    Thanks LIGHTNING UK! I will do that. Can you point me to that Burn rights tool? Or should I try ElbyCDIO instead? Thanks again.
  5. engine

    Error with Patin-Couffin

    Dear forum users, I am getting an error at the end of some of my burns when I am using Patin-Coufin. When I use SPTI this error doesn't show up. When I use other media and Patin-Couffin I don't get this error. I am getting this error with Patin-Couffin and this media in particular. Please see the log and image attached. ImgBurn.log Thanks.
  6. OK. I updated the AutoIt install script to copy the shortcuts to the AllUsers desktop and program start menu folders. It's as I need it now. Thanks for all your help.
  7. I can code that on the script also. I would have to remove those lines for the next release of ImgBurn. In case it does it right for AllUsers again. I just don't know if it will uninstall those shortcuts. So you recommend select the option to give access rights to SPTI for all users? Thanks.
  8. I am rolling it out to only 3. I started doing an unattended Windows XP setup about 6 years ago. Just for fun! That's how I ended up learning AutoIt. And that's why I ended up doing all those AutoIt scripts. I did all that just to entertain myself! The problem with the AllUsers setup is that I use limited permission accounts for security reasons. I don't want to switch to an account just to burn a CD or DVD. That's why I use the Pattin-Couffin driver. Thanks.
  9. Thanks LIGHTNING UK! CanĀ“t you release a version ? Otherwise I will have to wait for version Thanks again.
  10. Dear forum users, When I am trying to install ImgBurn for AllUsers manually or silently it installs for the current user only. I am using Windows XP SP3. Previous versions installed for AllUsers fine. I am using an AutoIt script to install silently. It doesn't work with ImgBurn version anymore. script.zip Thanks.

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