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  1. I found that if I turn fastwrite on, it burns at 2X. Which is better, turn fastwrite on or format without spare areas?
  2. I have found that 2 disks of the same media type, TDK 50GB BD-RE DL; one would burn at 2X, and the device buffer stays at 94%. The second one would burn at 1X and the device buffer stays at 50%. why? And what can I do to the second disk to burn at 2X?
  3. used the pin trick to get the disk out.
  4. yay!! After repeatedly trying to erase, hang, reboot, now the drive has stopped working, looks like. When I open imgburn, it does a 5 minute search for device and then find the drive. And when I select write mode, it says device is in the process of being ready and sits there. eject does not work also.
  5. theres no newer firmware for my drive than what I have.
  6. what drivers? I am on Win 7 x64, and have updated all the chipset drivers, since the problem started. My motherboard is a gigabyte GA-P35 D3SL rev 2.0 with the latest bios.
  7. so wonder what could be wrong on my end. Does overclocking affect anything? Like bus speed or something? My latest erase stopped at 47%. And the drive is locked till I reboot
  8. the disk, to remove firngerprints because I have a sweaty hand.
  9. there were no write retries, and the log was clean. I am trying another full erase. The only difference this time is my AV(Nod32 64 bit) is turned off. What do u use for cleaning bd-r?
  10. I just ran the disk in discovery mode and here's the graph aftera complete run
  11. new drive, same issue...erase stops around 40%. Burns dont verify after completion. What can I do now?
  12. i have just 5 more days to rma the drive, so going to do that first. I am thinking its the drive too. I got a completed burn and verified 100%, but playing it in a bd player it froze badly
  13. I got a new bd-re tdk brand. Heres the graph from imgburn. the burn went successful but got verify errors with miscompares. anything unusual here?
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