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    CLI hangup on ImgBurn MessageBox

    Oh crap -- Just found it /NOIMAGEDETAILS sorry Mea Culpa
  2. FAllenAngel

    CLI hangup on ImgBurn MessageBox

    Congratulations LightningUk -- Well There goes Nero for all my burning (Only used it because Of NeroCmd) Usually I will now use ImgBurn to burn dvd folder directly to device Been playing with cli (Invoked from Titlewriter) with the following commandline C:\Program Files\ImgBurn\ImgBurn.exe /WAITFORMEDIA /SRC @DVDPATH@ /SPEED 4 /CLOSESUCCESS /VOLUMELABEL @DVDVOLUMENAME@ /START ImgBurn sets up and proceeds properly -- but Execution Hangs (containing Disc and setup info) on Imgburn message box waiting for user to Hit OK (Shouldn't it just proceed skipping the messagebox-- barring errors perhaps with box contents added to log) Did I Miss a Setting somewhere

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