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    Imgburn locks drive on exit

    My apology, of course you are right. I just discovered that the locking occurred outside of imgburn simply by inserting a blank media disk. I just tried to remove my post but you were too quick!!!
  2. jjones

    Imgburn locks drive on exit

    Please ignore this post. Problem was discovered to not involve Imgburn. If I start a project to write files/folders and then exit imgburn before I try to burn, the drive remains locked. To unlock the drive I have to restart imgburn, select write files/folders again and then go to tools menu to unlock the drive. This is not a case where I started to write to a disk. The particulars: Optiarc DVD RW AD-7240S WinXP SP3 Imgburn v. (latest) When I started a new write files/folders project the size of the files exceeded the disk size (showing this in the Image Information box) I then exited imgburn doing nothing more. The result was that the drive remained locked even though I did not try (nor could since the disk was not big enough) write to the drive. Obviously, the program should have automatically unlocked the drive on exiting Imgburn. The only way to unlock the drive was to reload imgburn, start as if to write files/folders and then use the tools menu to unlock the drive.

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