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  1. Many thanks for the tests results. But it was performed on the BDR-205 and not the old BDR-203. Thanks, but I will stay with the old version which works with my drive.
  2. With all due respect m8... the 3 coasters are in the garbitch now... and I have returned to You can check yourself or not... but that's what realy happened. I will wait to before upgrading again.
  3. I have managed to burn 3 coasters with version on my PIONEER BD-RW BDR-203 FIRMWARE 1.10(SATA). When I looked on the coasters I was amazed to see about 5-7 gaps in the burning on the media ! I was burning straight from an hard disk... one directory in a size of 25 GB. Media used is RITEK BD-R 2x speed. When I changed back to problem disappeared, and no gaps on the media ! Please fix !

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