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    Portable ImgBurn

    I read the other topics concerning a portable ImgBurn. For the people that do not know, a portable version of any program is one that does not create any registry entries, loads/saves all settings from .INI files, and can be put on a USB flash stick and can be put into any computer and will run perfectly. Now, I've been using quite a few portable applications from this famous website called PortableApps.com, and it tries to convert all OpenSource applications to Portable applications. The one feature that everyone likes about this is that no one likes "footprints" to be left behind from any program. So uninstalling should be as easy as deleting the directory from Program Files rather than uninstalling the program and then trying to delete every registry entry. I know this has been posted before, but since the website I mentioned earlier has drawn so much attention because so many people have the same mind-set, I was hoping you could add this feature in the next version to make sure it does not touch the registry at all and only saves the settings to .INI files. One last example. I was in a different country for 6 weeks and I could only use my Aunt's computer. She is very particular about the computer and did not want me to install anything. When I asked why, she told me she doesn't want any extra registry entries because her registry is already cluttered. I then remembered of that website (PortableApps.com), and quickly went there and downloaded my favorite apps and my Aunt was also satisfied with this. So it's a real huge plus if you can add this feature. I would be very happy and I'm sure others would as well. Thank you for hearing me out.
  2. RonB

    Cell Phone Safety -- how to avoid a $26K bill

    The exact same thing happened to my family, but we were a little smarter I suppose. We had poof the cell phone was stolen because we called the police as soon as it happened. Soon after, TMobile tried to slam us with a $5,600 phone bill because some dude made phone calls to Iran using our cell phone. Since it was stolen, my father (he's scary) threatened to sue TMobile and collect money because of causing anger, frustration, and temporary insanity (I'm not kidding lol), and they knuckled under, and said "Ok, Ok, we won't charge you." That --- was awesome. This happened about half a year ago and now we use Sprint. Hopefully the same issues will not occur if this unfortunate event happened again. We keep very close tabs on our things in my family, and now even closer with our cell phones. We created a special password to even use our cell phone, so no one can get it. My dad home brewed the program to create the password. Don't you just love computer science?
  3. I love this program. I have downloaded the new Ubuntu 7.04 from www.ubuntu.com and I had such trouble planting the image. I tried using CDRWin and it gave me a Write Error after I followed the instructions off a website. Then I tried Nero, and I followed the instructions, and even said that they made the disk a bootable image and it did not. Soon after, I found ISO Recorder. I found the instructions were a little convoluted, but tried any way. I downloaded version 2 for Windows XP and when I tried to install, I got an error message. Immediately after, I tried version 1 and that installed fine but the only problem was that there wasn't an exe file to execute! I was very angry, but then I suddenly remembered ImgBurn made by a company I really liked a while ago for making a very infamous product. So I went to www.imgburn.com, tried their fantastic program, and used LIGHTNING UK!'s "How to burn an image with ImgBurn" tutorial. Everything worked out and I installed Ubuntu 7.04 perfectly in a dual boot with Windows XP. Thank you so very much. I hope this product becomes better and better.
  4. RonB

    creating iso

    Rats! Well thank you any way.
  5. RonB

    creating iso

    Yeah I was trying to do this with err.. something decryptor with a CD in there, but it would not work. I was hoping I could do it with ImgBurn, but when I selected the E:\ folder and clicked on Build. It would make a .MDS and a .ISO file but they would only be about 5 MBs. The reason I was trying to make a .iso was because I was trying to use this program I bought a long time ago called Connectix VGS which lets you play PS1 and PS2 games on the computer. Sadly it only works on Windows ME and I have XP. So I had to use patches and Daemon Tools to even be able to mount the ISO if I ever got the ISO to work lol. Very confusing... any way, is there a way to get around this problem? It shows up as 5 KB for each file, and I know that is not right. When I opened up the newly burned ISO file on my hardrive, there wasn't any files in it. It was just an empty image file. Any help? Thank you.

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