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    davidw89 If your DVD writer has auto-bitsetting feature(such as GSA-H10A, JJ11) the booksetting option in Nero won't show up. The drive will automatically bookset any R+ media without the need for software intervention.
  2. uSerKey

    Buffer Recovery Panel

    I did another search using "Buffer Recovery" and read all the results but found no help. After opening the "Settings" window, under the "I/O" tab, the section "Buffer Recovery Thresholds" with "Main", Device", and "Avg.DiskQ" sliders, can anyone explain how to use these sliders if my drive has buffer problems when burning? I know that the default settings are probably best in general, but if during burns I see problems with buffer usage(for instance dropping below 10%) which result in burn speed drops are there any guides on using these sliders, or is it simply do-it-yourself experimentation on a disc-to-disc basis? Current settings on my PC(I assume these are default): Main = 30% Device = 50% Avg. Disk Q: = 0.8 Sorry in advance if this has already been addressed in another post.
  3. uSerKey

    DVD+R Reserve Track?

  4. uSerKey

    DVD+R Reserve Track?

    Sorry, if this has been addressed before. I did a search but didn't come up with anything useful. After opening the "Settings" window, under the "Write" tab, can someone explain the "DVD+R Reserve Track" option?
  5. Unless there is a fundamental flaw in the drives hardware, a firmware update can fix most things. Thanks alot. you have answered my questions. The drive in question is the LG-H10A, JJ11(TDB). UDMA4 enabled. I can't wait for the next firmware update. By the way can you run your media tests on SonyD21? Where I am at, it's THE most easily available media. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks your reply answered my question. Two more since you took the time to answer and seem to know a bit more than I do on this subject. Is it normal for a burner to give higher jitter rates at lower burn speeds, but lower jitter at high to max speeds? And is this completely a hardware issue 100%, or can firmware or software help resolve this problem in any way? Thanks again.
  7. Sorry, for this question, but it seems ImgBurn and DVD Info Pro are somehow linked and I could not find a forum for this question on the DVDRecordableORG website. After viewing many burn scans in the media section of the ImgBurn Forum and comparing them I would like to know how %jitter is calculated into the disc quality rating of DVD Info Pros PIPO scanning? Sorry again if this has nothing to do with ImgBurn.

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