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  1. i had uninstalled it so the logs were no longer there. but i got version to burn a watchable dvd on the crap test disks i had. still failed but movie works in dvd players.
  2. all right thanks. im gonna check that and post it when i get to my computer.
  3. to be honest im not sure which vresion it was because i denied the update for the longest time. but all the link lead back to the new version. im not at my computer atm but does it save old logs? also i think that the real problem is the writer its self so i bought a new one its an LG external ge24. what are ur thoughts on it?
  4. like it matters really. your gonna tell me to try a cleaning disk and upgrade my writers firmware. thats whats always said. so i guess there is no way?
  5. is there a way to go back to an lder version of img burn. i accidently updated and ever since it works so badly. edit: older
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