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  1. VAMET

    .m2ts to BDMV or to ISO with BDMV

    Dear LIGHTNING UK! OK, thank you very much for your help. Best regards. Sincerely
  2. VAMET

    .m2ts to BDMV or to ISO with BDMV

    Dear LIGHTNING UK! tsMuxeR has got a problem with seamless branching Blu-Ray and everyone knows that. ...but it has sometimes problems with single .m2ts files too. After creating BDMV Folder Structure is everything OK in the same process, but when playing there are sometimes very short 1 frame pauses. Something like movie stops/freezes for a while, then it plays again and continue. It's only 1 sec freezes. It's tsMuxeR bug. Do you know any other then tsMuxeR application, which will create BDMV Folder Structure from .m2ts, before I use ImgBurn to create ISO? Yes, I know, what ISO is, this is only problem with my English and proper writing and naming of some things. Best regards. Sincerely
  3. Dear Friends Hello to everybody. I would like to ask, if ImgBurn can create ISO with BDMV Folder Structure from single .m2ts file. I have got lots of copies of my collection as standalone .m2ts files and I would like to change them to ISO, but with BDMV Folder Structure. tsMuxeR has lots of errors during preparing BDMV Folder Structure, so I don't want to use it. I would be glad for any help. Thank you in advance. Best regards. Sincerely

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