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  1. Thank you for your reply. 

    What you say is what I had thought - however this DVD has 260 Elvis karaoke songs on it, but if I try to play any
    of the VOB files on my computerl all that happens is that the (presumably) first song in that VOB plays and

    there's no access to the others.

    What I need is to be able to extract those indivdual songs from the VOBs and play them on my computer.

    Of course it may be that IMGburn is not the program for the job and I shall just have to keep hunting for
    a program which will carry out what I need.

  2. I have a karaoke DVD disc which (surprise surpise) contains some karaoke tracks  which I want to
    extract to my computer.

    I've done with other discs with no problems, using Freemake's program, but this falls over after a
    few minutes every time.

    I'm hoping that I can use IMGburn to do the job for me.

    There are 3.13GB of files on the DVD:

    It may be that IMGburn is not the program for me, and if that's so then please accept my apologies
    for wasting your time.

    Otherwise, please guide me in the direction i which I should be going.

    cheers  BJ



  3. You might want to try these: http://vu1tur.eu.org/tools/ I've never used them before, so, I can't say. I just looked around with a Google search to see what I could come up with.


    Downloaded it, and it's primitive to say the least :) A Zip file containing an .exe and two .dll files; it runs in DOD and there are no instructions and the program doesn' responf to the normal DOS /? request for info - but at least there is a separate TXT file linked (as well as source code) that pointed me in the correct direction - it's been running for about 15 minutes and is roughly a thirf of the way through.


    It would still be easier to incorporate this as a burnable format into ImgBurn IMHO, than to faff around running DOS programs to convert it - but like I said just my opinion.






    Here was where I found that info, if it helps: http://filext.com/file-extension/DMG


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