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    I would prefer to send this by a "private" means but I cannot find an email address. I have been a very satisfied user of ImageBurn for several years and just before Christmas I made a modest donation: I really hope this encourages lightning_uk! to carry on the great work. I had expected an email "thanks" from this site but until now this has not arrived. No hard feelings, there must be lots of reasons for this. Just a suggestion that if this is not included in the "donation system" then perhaps it should be (netiquette)? All the best for 2013, Rob PS The Captcha system is almost unreadable for Humans; I thought I would never be able to re-register :-)
  2. Topaz

    One folder warning

    Still not convinced this is clear ! Maybe filesystems have got more complicated for this explanation but I take it to mean: Do you wish to include the contents of the folder Portugal1 and its sub-folders (and their contents) ? (No path)) Do you wish to include only the contents of the folder Portugal, omitting its sub-folders ? (Yes path) Greetings.
  3. Topaz

    One folder warning

    IMGBurn - Build Mode What is the meaning of the warning panel with text "You've only selected 1 folder!" ? A typical PrtScr is shown in the attachment. I just don't understand the two sentences giving an explanation. Thanks.

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