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  1. Asus DR W-24D3ST Can this optical drive re-write DVD's? Maxmax RW (in small letters: DVD+R) Is this Maxmas RW a re-writable disk? How to do the re-write if both the optical drive and the disk are suitable for re-writing? Thanks.
  2. I purchased a book 3 days ago that came with a tutorial DVD attacked. I got my right hand hurt yesterday. It is now very awkward for me to put the DVD disk on the tray properly. I want to have all the UDF files on the DVD disk transferred to the HDD in my PC so that Media Player can play the files easily. How to achieve this, please? Thanks.
  3. Mr. LIGHTNING UK! Really appreciate the instructions you have given. I had your instructions copied and enlarged so I could read them. Then, I glanced through them the first time. Did not read them again until last night when I had some free time. And I studies the instructions this time. BEAUTIFUL! I am a volunteer worker for five years at municipal library of Taipei City, Taiwan, teaching two classes (55 mom & Dad students) basic computer operations, 10 hours a week & year round continuously & free of charge. With your kind permission, I would like to include your ImgBurn in our 2012 curriculum. Request: 1. Your kind permission for us to include ImgBurn in our curriculum. 2. ImgBurn official tutorial and/or any teaching materials. Thank you very much! ffuquenn
  4. Mr. LIGHTNING UK! Very grateful to you! I shall certainly follow these steps to make a few trials first. Sacrifice a few disks is almost unavoidable, I guess, for some beginners in the learning process. Thank you, Mr. LIGHTNING UK! Really appreciate.
  5. Problem My eyesight is getting so poor to the point that I can not read the ImgBurn instructions, especially small prints. And this is my first attempt to burn something. Plan Accumulated from the past years, I have thousands of photographs all sorted in various folders. My plan is to have these folders with images therein written on CD's which, in the furue, can be edited on computers and viewed TV screens by CD/DVD players. I do not know how to operate ImgBurn and I can't read its instructions. Need Please help. All I need is the steps of the writing or burning operation. For example (just example): Start>all progrms>office>word>view>and so on. Thank you very much for any forms of help or suggestions that can render assistance to me. Grateful. Ffuquenn
  6. Posted yesterday or day before, Can't find it today. The content was asking for help burn thousands of photographs onto CD's. Thanks.
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