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  1. Seems like I read somewhere that GD-ROM was like a precursor to DVD technology and that GD-ROMs could be read in a DVD drive, but I guess I was wrong How do people rip those DC ISOs then? EDIT: According to that Wiki, you need special firmware to pick up the second TOC on a GD-ROM: "A normal CD-reader will not read beyond the first track because, according to the CD table of contents (TOC), there is no data there. With modified firmware that looks for a second TOC in the high-density region it is possible to read data from the high-density region even on a normal CD-reader. One can also utilize a "swap-trick" by first letting the CD-reader read the TOC from a normal CD with a large track and then swapping that disc with a GD-ROM in a way that avoids alerting the CD-reader that a new disc has been inserted. It is then possible to read as much data from the high-density region as indicated by the TOC from the first disc." Wonder where you can obtain that modified firmware from?
  2. I have a couple of DC games that I would like to backup. Does imgburn have the ability to rip them?
  3. Can imgburn be configured to ignore/skip read errors?
  4. Are you by chance going to add the ability to read to different image formats? Say instead of reading a disc to ISO, make it read to bin/cue instead?
  5. Between this and bin/cue support, it sounds like the next release will be awesome
  6. LOL! Its very difficult for me because audio CDs aren't supported. My wife is hell on CDs, so I back them up and let her keep the copies in the car. Imgburn doesn't support making ISOs of audio CDs. Sorry if this thread is coming off like a rant, as its not. Just making a request for a tiny feature addition, thats all
  7. I'm not talking about a straight disc to disc on the fly. What I'm asking for is the ability to put a disc in the tray, press "disc copy", imgburn copies to HDD and immediately reburns without without extra steps or user interaction. You can do this now, but not conveniently.
  8. Is it in the cards to include this feature at some point? Its the one feature I find myself missing day to day. *** Well it appears I have made two mistakes: I posted this in the wrong section and I actually forgot that I requested this feature a year ago http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=2179&hl= In the that thread, it was said to not be possible due to potential copyright issues. If this is the case, how does Nero, Sonic etc get away with it? Also, I'm not requesting that imgburn bypass/circumvent inplace copy protection on a disc, just that it be able to duplicate the ones that don't.
  9. Yes, I know that and thats how I install it, but still not thrilled about recommending something that contains adware to friends. They might not be as careful during the installation even if I warn them.
  10. It was a bit buggy on my rig and it couldn't mount some image types. I appreciate the consideration, though
  11. Thanks so much for your help and this program. I'll sling a donation your way soon Something else I've been thinking about: How about implementing a virtual IDE drive that could mount unprotected images only? I currently use Dtools for this, but I don't require all the other features that come along with it and I'm not crazy about recommending it due to it being bundled with adware, even if you can decline installation. All I need is a simple, no frills virtual drive. Thanks for listening!
  12. They're images of my original Office 2000 media. Guess I'll test them out later today and make sure. Any plans for .cue support in the future?
  13. I noticed that imgburn doesn't require me to browse to the .cue file in order to burn like Nero. Does imgburn still burn the image correctly?
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