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  1. jmet

    tray recycle failure

    Poor guy....yall probably gave him a complex from all the sarcasm! lol
  2. jmet

    Still Alive & Kicking

    Check out logmein.com Your not breaking thier firewall (proxy avoidance) that way....you using your home computer to surf and the image is displayed on your work comuter. Only draw back is it can be slow.
  3. jmet

    itunes 0or is it just me

    What version of foobar and foobar ipod plug-in do you currently have and where do you get them?
  4. jmet

    Burn 2x to disk?

    Yes, you are correct.
  5. jmet

    firmware fail? please help

    Did you try LUK suggestion?
  6. jmet

    Burn 2x to disk?

    The locking issue is more of a safety concern than anything...While your burning, if the drive isn't locked, any other program can access it at the same time ImgBurn is burning resulting in a bad burn/coaster. Its not a firmware issue. You have "Verify" checked, it is highly recommend to verify each burn. What that does is, ImgBurn burns the files to a disc, after it completes it will eject the disc (mine ejects and then automatically closes again so that it can verify), when it verifies it looks just like it does burning but whats its doing is verifying the file integrity of the files on the disc, to the files on the hard drive. If its burning slowly (2X is slow), its either the discs aren't rated higher than 2X (unlikely) or your DMA is off. Please go here to rectify your problem - http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=59
  7. jmet

    firmware fail? please help

    Extract all the files to a folder on your hard drive. Then go to that folder and click the setup file in that folder.
  8. jmet

    firmware fail? please help

    Where did you download the firmware? Was it a zip file? Did you extract all files or did you just double click the setup file within the zip container?
  9. jmet

    happy birthday polo and Firey

    Happy Birthday to both of yall! (Yes, yall is a word in Texas) lol
  10. jmet

    Problems with burning DL+R Media!

    You just replaced crappy media with more crappy media. Surely you have to be able to buy Verbatim made in singapore media from somewhere off the net. I sure do fancy it when someone reiterates what I said...lol
  11. jmet

    Still Alive & Kicking

    They have it blocked here as well........thank goodness for VPN (& logmein.com)....lol
  12. jmet

    Second Best

    Personally I like to do some CPU intensive video conversion whilst burning....oh the suspense and anticipation you get is overwhelming!
  13. jmet

    Problems with burning DL+R Media!

    When it comes to blank DL discs, Verbatim is your only "successful" option. Datawrite sucks and I've never even heard of Aone.
  14. jmet

    Still Alive & Kicking

    Hey hey lfc...No sorries....It wasn't meant to be....I wish her the best in her future endeavors.
  15. jmet

    slow burns

    What DMA mode is it in? Could you please post a log as well?

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