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    DDP2 support for IMGBurn

    I know that there are some threads around the same topic. But sadly, as a new user I can't reply to any of these threads. So if needed the MOD could move my post maybe to any of the latest threads here. So after reading all these threads here it seems to be a dogma to talk about it! I just would like to second all these request. Since DDP2 is an explicit PRO feature for DVD authors who needs to send out images to the replication plant formatted in this way, it could be a PRO module for a fair amount? I just ask in cause of the lack of an useful tool for the Windows based authoring workflow. Gear Mastering Edition is not handy it has a stupid user interface. Unuseable from my view & too expensive! I really would pay for such an extra option! Thanks for the good work! IMGBurn is the one & only tool for me to burn stuff! Cheers Jim

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