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    .ISO Trouble?

    DRAT! I downloaded the Public Release of Vista 5728 and now after downloading ImgBurn, I try to load 5728 and I get the following error: Invalid or unsupport image file format! I thought maybe there was something wrong with my download, so I deleted it and downloaded it again. It took a LOT longer to download this time (over 2 hours), so I thought (hoped) that was a good sign. I tried to load the .iso image again, and got the same error. If I try to load Vista RC1, it loads without a problem. It's just when I try to load 5728 The second download is 2,683,928 KB. Is that the wrong size? Could that be my problem somehow? This is from an official site, so I believe it's a legitimate file. Is there something obvious I just don't understand? I hope someone has the answer! Thanks and regards, Keith

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