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  1. Greetings and fermentations: Recently I noticed that the IMG Burn icon in the Start Menu of my Windows 7 Home premium edition had been exchange for a generic place holder icon. After some research I found a forum entry called “ImgBurn Icons Displaying Incorrectly” where it was suggested by the author of IMG burn that the icon cache should be rebuilt. The thing is though, this thread seems to suggest that the icon cache may have somehow been deleted which is why the main icon was exchanged but after looking the icon cache is still present on my system. My question is, I guess, is there a need to rebuild the icon cache if it is still there?...and I suppose would it not be simpler to create a new shortcut on the desk top and pin that to the start menu?? Cheers ears Earl.
  2. Greetings, You’re a bit of an angry person, aren’t you? I didn’t say the newer version of your program or its uninstaller did not work. In fact it worked as it should after it was installed, I simply reported that when I installed your program, the autoplay function of XP to cease. I can see why you’re the smart one…. Then you assume incorrectly. The only prompt I received during the set up process was regards to another older program of yours called “DVD Shrink”. Thank you for the information. If I am ever brave enough to install any further upgrades of your program I will take care to note everything that you have espoused upon. It is unlikely though, 2.5.5 works a treat and I do have other burn suites. Do have a nice day Earl
  3. Greetings and stupefactions: While it perhaps not a colossal issue of frightening proportions, sit down while I tell you a tale. I upgraded from to I uninstalled the older using Revo Unintaller on safe mode and then swept for registry leftovers with Ccleaner. Rebooted and installed the newer. Immediately I lost the use of my autoplay menu. I stuck in a CD, it would go straight to the root menu of the disk inside of playing in Winamp. I stuck in a DVD, same thing happened it went to the root menu of the disk (displaying the files, in some cases this was blank because they where protected) instead of playing in Zoom. Even when I went in to the Autoplay menu via windows explorer and changed the autoplay options (i.e. playing a DVD with AVS DVD player instead of Zoom), those options also did not work. Even when I changed the autoplay options not do anything, the autoplay still defaulted back to displaying the root contents of any disk I place in the optical drive ( and before some smurf suggests that my drive maybe buggered…not before this started it wasn’t). So like I said before, no big deal. So I left the newer version on (of course not knowing it was the problem) and proceeded to do some research on the net. Various people also had this problem of their autoplay menu ceasing to function and in some cases disappearing altogether. So I tried some suggests to fix the autoplay problem, like download the UITweak for XP and one other I can’t recall. I also tried a number of registry tweak suggests as well. Long story short, after a thousand and one restore points later, none of these fixes worked and I still had no autoplay menu. So I thought before doing anything else and trying the option of last resort, a rollback to a restore point I would watch a DVD (Paul). My optical drive went nuts, for the course of the whole movie it kept spinning up really quickly and stopping and then about 30 minutes towards the end, the drive just kept spinning at speed. When the movie finally finished and I took the disk out, it was unusually hot. I immediately moved to do a restore which removed the newer version installed. Not knowing that the newer version was the issue, I moved to reinstall it and thereby a process of elimination, discovering that IMGburn killed the Autoplay menu. I then did one final roll back to the restore point mentioned and I have stuck with since (although if I watch a DVD directly they still come out hot). This all required a drink to claim my disposition....
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