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  1. crent

    dvd +rw's becoming locked

    Never mind found it by back tracking installed programs. something about the new outpost firewall is causing my problem
  2. Okay folks i have this strange problem here. i normaly use dvd+rw's to burn anime and tv show's onto to watch on something larger than a monitor. lately, i have this problem that I can only burn a dvd+rw ONCE! and then cant do anything with it....(format it, erase it anything excpet throw it out) i've tried using imgburn 2.1, dvdd 3.5.40 and nero 6 and nero 7.. i've got two dvd drives a px 716a and an old lg gsa 4160b, both with latest firmware. any ideas to help me would be appreicated.. btw love imgburn keep up the good work
  3. crent

    dvd +rw's becoming locked

    i had other ones b4 this and wrote on them 100's of times before this came up, and so i picked some up at a bargin store figuring that the media had gone bad over time and writes. i at least figured that i could get a couple of writes out of them b4 anything went wrong but when i got the same results with different media.. i just removed my plextools and reinstalled it in cause it had become corrupted, that the only thing i can think of right now any idea how to go about finding out if i have any other conflicting software installed??
  4. crent

    dvd +rw's becoming locked

    okay here are some screen shots found out that formatting the disk without burning stuff to burn locks the disk as well ... #39;( #39;( #39;( this is a disk inserted into the drive this after being used once... i've left changing the booktype alone as my stane alone plays anything... any ideas?? okay fuel for ideas, I'm beginning to think its the way Imgburn deals with formatting dvd+rw's Or the way my Plextor formats them this is the same dvd in the same drive, using imgburn and dvdd

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