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  1. Further to my previous reply, I have now tried the DVD in a normal DVD player and it works fine.
  2. I've just burnt a folder to disc, but it failed to verify.with an uncorrectable error. Despite that, the disc is playing in my conmputer, so should I just ignore the error? The log file is attached. Many thanks. ImgBurn17-4.log
  3. If you read my post above, you will see that I have already done that and successfully updated the firmware.
  4. Many thanks for your reoly. First, let me say that I've managed to run the file. I discovered that the existing software has an update option that uses the .bin file. I would still be interested, however, to know why I can't see what's in the file. In additon to Imgburn I also tried Magicdisc, and that failed as well. The link is http://apps.tenvis.com/Download/JPT3815W/2013/firmware/x.4/IPC_V1.8_V1.7.25.zip
  5. It's firmaware for a camera, so I imagine it's an .exe file. I've been in touch with the manufacturers and am waiting for an answer from them.
  6. I have been sent a .bin file, but when I try to open it in ImgBurn it says invalid or unsupported image file format, yet ImgBurn looks for .bin files when I search for the file to burn to DVD. Any suggestions would be appreciated. These are the contents of my log file: I 13:49:36 ImgBurn Version started! I 13:49:36 Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium x64 Edition (6.1, Build 7601 : Service Pack 1) I 13:49:36 Total Physical Memory: 8,387,064 KiB - Available: 4,454,576 KiB I 13:49:36 Initialising SPTI... I 13:49:36 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 13:49:37 -> Drive 1 - Info: LITE-ON DVDRW LH-20A1L BL06 (I:) (ATA) I 13:49:37 Found 1 DVD±RW/RAM
  7. Hi, I've just downloaded a film and it turns out to be a 7.7G iso file. I can't burn it to a single layer disc and I can't shrink it with DVD shrink because it's not a DVD. Is my only answer a dual layer disc?
  8. Yes, I know. RTFM or in this case RTFFAQ I only added to the thread because the topic was already open. Regards, Pilot
  9. I've recently started getting the same problem in XP Home. As far as I can make out, nothing else is trying to access the burner. I pressed continue and ImgBurn carried on as normal. Strange.
  10. I think you are right. If Write is selected then the only option is to select a file, but Build lets you select both a file or folder, and that's what I must have done. At least I got the job done in the end. Regards, Pilot.
  11. Hi Lighting, Thanks for your reply. I must have pressed the wrong button, but when I tried again, Build would only let me select a folder. Reburning in Write mode gave me the right result, so the ISO file was OK. At least everything is OK now. Thanks to you both for your help. Regards, Pilot.
  12. Hi, Cornholio Lucky you It worked, but I don't understand this. I tried again, this time selecting the file with Build selected, and it would only let me select a folder, so I must have had Write selected originally. Regars, Pilot.
  13. Hi cornholio, My God! That was quick. Can't remember which way I did it. Could that be the problem? I'll try again making sure I select write first. Gonna use a +RW this time just in case. Regards, Pilot.
  14. Hi, Apologies. I've asked this before, but can't remember what the answer was and the topic has been deleted. I tried to burn an ISO file and selected "Write", but ended up with a coaster with the same ISO file on it instead of a playable DVD. What have I done wrong? Sorry to ask again. Thanks, Pilot.
  15. Hi Kev (and others who have contributed to this thread), Have been using Verbatim +R discs for last two weeks and no problems. It may be of interest to UK users that Maplins are selling 100 packs for ?40. Good value. Regards, Pilot.
  16. JohnthePilot, Your above statement is correct. Burn the image from your harddrive to media and you should not have any problems. Let us know what happens Hi Kev, Sorry it's taken so long to reply to this particular post (and to da Clown's suggestion) but have been having problems with my machine. I've tried both methods and they both work fine. Also find no problems with Verbatim and, strangely enough Tesco's own brand +RW, so I'll stick with those. Many thanks, Cheers, Pilot.
  17. Thanks Lightning. That's all I wanted to know. It seemed such a simple question yet caused so much confusion. Regards, Pilot.
  18. Hi ifcrule, I've taken your advice and got some Verbatim discs. Incidentally, the manufacturer is given as YUDEN000-T03-00. Are Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden the same? Further to my earlier posts, is the dye manufacturer the same as the disc manufacturer? This is what what was confusing me when I asked how you knew who the dye manufacturer was, cos you seemed to suggest my TDK discs were fakes cos of the dye manufacturer, but there is no information in my log (or the ImgBurn information) other than disc manufacturer. Regards, Pilot.
  19. Wasn't sure if you were being sarcastic or not, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt In case you hadn't noticed I had already posted my log and it wasn't where you said. Regards, Pilot.
  20. Hi polopony, Thanks for your reply. I can see where you can identify the manufacturer of the disc, eg TDK, it was the dye manufacturer that confused me. Cheers, Pilot.
  21. ... that value is in bytes, not MB. You can't just move the decimal point and call it 4.68GB, it's not. You have to divide by 1024 each time, not 1000. So it's actually 4.36 GB Doh! I've been up all night and my brain isn't working
  22. Thanks to you both. I'll try and stick with Verbatim (never seen Taiyo) for +R discs, but if what ifcrule says is true, then it's worth perservering with Tesco's +RW discs. At least if something goes wrong I don't end up with a coaster. I can simply reformat it Cheers, Pilot. PS Nobody has explained why ImgBurn has increased the size of the image file from that created by DVD Shrink.
  23. Hi Guys, Further to mylast post, the ID for Tesco's +RW discs is INFODISC-A10-01 Regards, Pilot.
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