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  1. Big Barn

    Language file problem

    Thanks Blutach. Big Barn
  2. Big Barn

    Extremely slow burn speed and an inexplicable solution

    Well I think it is for all drives
  3. Big Barn

    Extremely slow burn speed and an inexplicable solution

    Check your DMA DMA, if on, can greatly speed up communications between your PC and its hard drive and DVD/CD drives. The following assumes your hard drive is on the primary channel and the CD/DVD drive is on the secondary. To check if it is on: Right click on My Computer Select Properties Click on Hardware Click on Device Manager Double click on IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers Double click on Primary channel Click Advanced Settings and check it says DMA if available and is set to Ultra DMA, mode 5. Do the same for the secondary channel -- it should be Ultra DMA, mode 2. Don't worry if it says "Not applicable" - it means there is no device connected to that port. Thanks to Blutach
  4. Big Barn

    Language file problem

    Hi guys I downloaded my language file and i extracted to ImgBurn languages folder what do i have to do next, because it's still in english. Thanks in advance Big Barn
  5. Big Barn

    Device Io Control

    No i did not install inCD , I updated to nero and it even uninstalled my LG'S writer updater.
  6. Big Barn

    Device Io Control

    Hello Sorry my english is not verry good. During my last burn i got in the log Device Io Control (FSCTL_LOCK_VOLUME) Failed Acces Refuse and Device Io Control FSCTL_DISMOUNT_VOLUME) Failed Acces Refuse Iupdated nero yesterday can it be the cause and how can Ifix that. Thanks. I forgot to say that the dvd is playing ok.

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