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  1. THX-UltraII

    burn BDMV+CERTIFICATE folder

    thxz for your reply! And do you maybe know what the best and most simple way is to add external (srt) subtitles to a BDMV+CERTIFICATE Blu-Ray folder structure?
  2. THX-UltraII

    burn BDMV+CERTIFICATE folder

    Hi, I m new with ImgBurn and I have a question: I have almost 60 movies on my HDD that I want to burn on a BD-R (or BD-R DL if the size exceeds 25GB). The movies are BDMV+CERTIFICATE folder. I checked the guides in this forum but cannot find a guide for BDMV+CERTIFICATE burning on BD-R/BD-R DL. Someone has a step-by-step guide how to do this exactly? (pc noobish guide please ) Thanks

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