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  1. Well, they've definitely fucked up something. I wouldn't be surprised if it had something to do with the antispyware engine, like the problem with it I discovered and USB devices. Hey, Xeron, willing to try something else? Try this: install the ZoneAlarm AntVirus version, if you haven't yet. ONLY the AntiVirus version. No other flavors. The 15 day free trial version will do, as I tested it with that. It has to be the AV version only as all the other ZA installers have the anti-spyware engine in them even if you don't install it. The installer INSTALLS IT ANYWAY regardless of if you use the free version or if you don't choose to use antispyware. Anyway, install ZoneAlarm AntiVirus version of the firewall and repeat to see if the problem with the tooltips is there or not. I used to use the whole suite package with a :::echem::: custom license number and I wasnt a fan of the suite I thought the Anti-SpyWare was decent and the firewall excellent but the antivirus is slow and doesnt catch nearly as much stuff as AVG does there was some pretty nasty stuff I put it thru including a couple of my own design (MP3/ROM/DIVX/XVID/MP4/PORN Virii Custom-Made) for when I want to unleash unto the world the age of anti-piracy viruses (the RIAA/MPAA would be pleased) and AVG detected them, ZA did not!.... so unless there is better than avg ill just use the previous version to 7.5 until they fix 7.5. But thanx for the suggestion. If I hadnt tried that, the information you gave me is extremely well researched. The way I am i like when people take pride in what they do/how they do it and it shows in the advice/suggestions they give. P.S. Thanx for everyones help and advice -May the Geek Inherit the Earth!- Xeron
  2. Anytime you need a beta tester lemmie know, Im anal retentive and im gonna be using vista RC2 Dual-Boot Ive signed on as a beta tester and should recieve my discs soon! Thanks for the place to voice my concerns and be annoying
  3. Here's the sitch LUK.. its not ZoneAlarm it was just coincidence that it worked when ZA was uninstalled in truth its the new AVG Free 7.5 !! I installed DVDD/IMG on fresh non-internet-connected computer with no updates then checked tooltips, then rebooted, installed ZA, checked tooltips... still fine! then installed AVG Free 7.5, rebooted and viola! no tooltips... removed AVG 7.5 and theyre back... what led me to think that ZA wasnt the culprit was that I tried other firewalls and the same problem but when removed tooltips were fine it seems its the combo of AVG v7.5 and an adjacent firewall program! so... i will use a older version of AVG til this seems fixed
  4. So... Have I offended you Lightning UK? have I caused a problem by bringing up this issue? It might be a Recent windows update, because the last incarnation of windows (2 weeks ago before I restored to a fresh OS) didnt have that issue with IMG/DVDD and ZoneAlarm installed... hmmm.. Also... I was wondering when will the ability to make ISO's (i.e. Physical Media to IMG not files to IMG) with ImgBurn be implimented, or is that even a planned feature? and... I Checked with a friend of mine and he has the same issue, He assumed that it was because DVDD and ImgBurn were installed on same OS were causing some kind of confliction by seeing that a system that had DVDD and NO ImgBurn installed didnt have the issue... then later reaslized it hadnt been updated lately so after the updates he had NO tooltips, and we cant seem to narrow down the bad update. (and BTW DVDD isnt illegal in usa because of fair use rights and IF and ONLY iF you didnt use reverse engeneering to create it) - Just thought Id share that because of all the oddball news items on Copyright/DRM/Protection I have seen lately!
  5. Hey all Just found out something recently during my exploits in making DivX backups from my Personal DVD's. When stripping the vob from a disc in IFO mode in DVDD you have to remove some bad cells on ARccOS "Protected" Discs otherwise you get Audio/Video Sync Issues! So to my point... Tooltips are required to see the contents of the cell i.e. duration and size well with ZoneAlarm Free or Pro installed the Tooltips never appear, Removing ZoneAlarm and finding another suitable FireWall/Anti-SpyWare program seems to be the ONLY solution! - (The Same goes for ImgBurn Tooltips do not appear as well.) This Discovery took me a while to figure out, Installing a new Win XP OS onto a blank HD and by Process of Elimination adding all the Updates and checking the Tooltips... then Installing one by one the programs I was using on the computer that this happened on and checking the Tooltips then finally... Bam! Stupid ZoneAlarm! ** UPDATE ** It seems as if it may very well be a Windows Update confliction... Tried Sunbelt Kerio and Comodo, and when installed... same issue, uninstall and poof! Tooltips are there. This is killing me, all I want is a nice stable firewall and my ImgBurn/DVDD Tooltips to work is that too much to ask for really?!.... Possibly So! Hope my hardship helps Someone... - Xeron
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