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  1. this is the only image I can't burn, but mount and play it without problems.
  2. tried 10 - 20 x... no other discs only Verbatim BD 50GB 4x no BD-RE DL it is sossible that the file Size is to big? Source File Size: 47.330.557.952 bytes
  3. Hello, I use a LG BH10LS30 with the last fw. I can write al kinds of BD ISOs, 25 or 50GB. I use Verbatim 50GB BD 4x for 50GB ISOs. Now with one ISO I get a problem. I can mount the ISO and watch it with PowerDVD without Problems. When I burn the ISO, I get the normal messages but ImgBurn hangs with the message: "Reserving Track". This is only with this ISO...What is it and what can I do to burn it...
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