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    Imgburn Issue Creating and Burning Image .ISO .MDS

    HI, thanks for the quick reply The box says Imgburn.exe, I Thought was from the software. anyway, I'm baking up some dvd's today so I'll upload and post here the log if I can export it. EDIT: Well, first I'm thinking this could be a problem with the drive, because the log doesn't show any issue, but this time happens when change the disc to backup and insert the blank one, I let open the message box and Imgburn starts to burn normally, when it gets to 100% didn't show the successfully completed message until I cancel the error one, then it sows the completed message and eject the tray, so I don't know what's wrong with my drive or OS maybe? Some help would be very useful, thanks a lot again.
  2. Hi, recently Update my version of ImgBurn from to but I found the same issue (bug) in both versions: When I create an Iso of ANY disc, and select the "Add to Write Queue When Done" and until the creation of the image (.iso and .mds) all is done OK, but, when I insert the disc in the drive and select the write image to disc option, the software starts to burn normally but when is near to the half of the disc, shows this message box: Could you please tell me if I'm doing something wrong or should I don't select that option, and create the image, close the program and open it again an then burn the image? Thanks in advanced.

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