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  1. SithTracy

    Drag and Drop not working in

    Makes sense... thanks... I had my shortcut set to run ImgBurn as admin... turned it off and all is well.
  2. Installed and went to use it this AM... Trying to Drag and Drop folders in build mode and it does not work... Worked in previous versions fine. Wondering if anyone else is having this issue.
  3. SithTracy

    IMGBurn's Buffer.. What affects it?

    I'd suggest you pick up a PCI SATA controller based on Siil3114 or something compatible with ODD. I'd suspect the SATA on your VIA based board does not agree with ODD.
  4. SithTracy

    ImgBurn and HP Photosmart Software

    Felix, I have a HP Photosmart 3210xi connected to a router via Ethernet and use ImgBurn with no problems... Though I am running on Windows XP Pro SP2 and not Vista (I won't even consider Vista as an option until at least SP1, and perhaps SP2 with all I have been hearing from my peers). Have you tried to disable any of the unnecessary things the HP is doing at startup to see if that resolves the issue? Best of luck, SithTracy

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