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  1. I download all the files for Visual Studio 2017 and what I wanted to do was to make an autorun or bootable disc for it. I tried and tried and tried. I burned through about 12 disc. All failed. All that happened was when I double-clicked the drive instead of the setup program starting which is what I wanted to happen, all I saw was the contents of what I burned on the disc. No setup program ever started.

    I made an autorun file and placed that first in the ImageBurn window. Then I placed the programs icon (vs_professional.exe) second in the ImageBurn window. Finally, I placed the folder contain all the programs folders and files. That was called Visual Studio Professional 2017. 

    Nope. Never worked.

    Plus I could not understand why ImageBurn made two .iso files. It would make one that was the size of my program, say 986 MB. But then it would make another .iso that was really small say 1267 KB or something. I could not understand what ImageBurn was doing. I should have had only one .iso representing my program.

    Very difficult to accomplish this.

    All I wanted to do was when I inserted the program disk in my drive I wanted to see the program's icon on the drive, and when I double-clicked the drive I wanted the setup program to begin.

    Nope. Never got there.

  2. I want to make a bootable disc of Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 but so far no luck. I have a folder on my drive with all the files that this Service Pack contains. I've tried loading these files and or folders into ImgBurn and I've told it to make disc bootable, but then it asks me to find a file that will serve as the boot image?


    Why do I need to tell it that?


    I thought ImgBurn was supposed to make my boot image file from the folders that I've loaded into the box. So why is it asking me to find the file that will act as the boot image?


    Everything I've tried so far has not worked.


    I would like to make the resulting disc so that when it's in my optical drive and I double-click on the drive the automatic setup file with the splash screen will run. That way I won't have to search the contents of the disc and manually click on the setup file.


    Please advise...


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