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  1. jon50

    unreadable disc

    ok mate thanks for the info
  2. jon50

    unreadable disc

    im getting these errors when i put the disc in the box unreadable please clean the disc ive burnt the disc using verbs with no errors have i got the right settings ton the imgburn to burn the discs please find attached burn log ImgBurn.log
  3. jon50

    lec error

    thanks for your advice lads
  4. jon50

    lec error

    im getting this error when try to burn lec error can this be rectified please find my logs attached ImgBurn.log burn log.txt
  5. jon50

    wont fit on disc

    thanks for replying.......
  6. jon50

    wont fit on disc

    hello all can some 1 advise me how to fit 8.7 on a 8.5 dvd disc im trying to burn a xbox360 game the size is iso file and when i put the disc in it says do you want to overburn is there any way of fitting the game on the disc
  7. jon50

    Operation Failed burn

    thanx lightning burnt successfully at 4x
  8. jon50

    Operation Failed burn

    trying to burn a game on atapihas525 im getting this error operation failed ive attached imgburn log file ImgBurn.log
  9. hi im trying to burn fifa 13 with imgburn on my ihas and it keeps coming up with this : L-EC Uncorrectable Error im using verbs disk and ive used 3 sofar can any 1 shed some lite on this 1 plz jon..

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