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  1. Thank you! Now I got more clear about this issue.So that is not ImgBurn's bug. I also find the mkisofs and use it to check the different. Can ImgBurn auto tune the checkbox default status when user switch the radio Standard/DOS/ACII ? I look at the ISO 9660 Standard and find out this is it's restrictions. Restrictions File and directory name restrictions The standard has three different levels for interchange, here paraphrased from section 10: Level 1: File names are limited to eight characters with a three-character extension, using upper case letters, numbers and underscore only. The maximum depth of directories is eight. Level 2: File names are not limited to 11 characters (the 8.3 format) but can be up to the maximum allowed by the 1 byte counter in the directory entry and the filename length byte counter. Typically, this is close to 180 characters, depending on how many extended attributes are present. Level 3: Files are allowed to be non-contiguous (i.e., fragmented), principally to allow packet writing or incremental CD recording. The standard also specifies the following name restrictions:[citation needed] All levels restrict filenames to upper case letters, digits, underscores ("_"), and a dot. Linux by default [3] converts uppercase letters to lower case while mounting ISO filesystems. File names shall not include spaces. File names shall not start or end with the dot character. File names shall not have more than one dot. Directory names shall not use dots at all. Some CD authoring applications allow the user to use almost any character. While, strictly speaking, this does not conform to the ISO 9660 standard, most operating systems which can read ISO 9660 file systems have no problem with out-of-spec names. However, the names could appear wrong to the user.
  2. I use grub4dos as the Bootable CD's boot image. And I find when when it character set at standard will occur error for me. First I normaly burn it as standard then I boot from the cd it can't find my fontfile unicode.hex.gz & image and I find it in grub environment will be shown as unicode_hex.gz so that it can not be found. If I change the file name at filesystem and menu.lst as unicode_hex.gz it will all be fine.I I find the problem because I use command mode instruction binary mkisofs make the same file as iso image and no problem with unicode fontfile and image. And then I try and find it was about character set standard/DOS/ASCII options I change character set to DOS or ASCII then everything work fine Unicode traditional Chinese and image are there My menu.lst content about this relate are splashimage=/boot/splash/LRR_640x480.04.gz font unifont.hex.gz The problem is if I burn it's character set as Standard then in grub4dos commandline will change to /boot/splash/LRR_640x480_04.gz unifont_hex.gz But in CD's filesystem it /boot/splash/LRR_640x480.04.gz unifont.hex.gz If the filename with more than two dot(.) error will occur. I don't understand why?and diff about standard/DOS/ASCII and is it bug!?
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