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    Xilisoft appz showing blank buttons

    The problem turned out to be the path. The original path was "C:\DVD±RW\Xilisoft\...". Make special note of the "±" character. If any Xilisoft app is installed to a path using this character, then the buttons will not display properly. Imgburn will not install to this path either ("C:\DVD±RW\Imgburn") using the silent commands during a RUNONCEEXE.CMD install. I was using another .exe to extract Imgburn and install it during the RUNONCEEXE.CMD setup. I thought Imgburn was the problem because when I would install Imgburn, I would also install the Xilisoft app using the "C:\DVD±RW" folder which is created by my Imgburn silent installer. When I wouldn't install Imgburn, I would use the normal "Program Files" path, and then the Xilisoft buttons would work. Using the folder "DVD+RW" works for both apps. Sorry for blaming everything on Imgburn, I'm glad it wasn't its fault. I would have hated to have given up my favorite DVD burning app!!! Thanks for the help and sorry for the headache!!! ben_smith
  2. ben_smith

    Xilisoft appz showing blank buttons

    Hi Lightning UK, After further testing with Windows 7 Enterprise, it seems that the problem probably is .net or KB update related. Thanks for your quick responses and you've written an awesome program. Thanks for your Time and help!!! ben_smith
  3. ben_smith

    Xilisoft appz showing blank buttons

    Thanks for the quick reply! I know that Xilisoft uses the QT IDE to develop the GUI and the buttons are mostly png based. I've noticed that a lot of QT app projects have a similar problem. The QT developed app's buttons display fine on the development PC, but when installed on a client PC, the buttons show up as blank buttons, as in the pic above. For some reason if all of the plugins being used by QT are not exactly where they are supposed to be when the app is compiled, you get this problem. Unfortunately, I only have this problem if Imgburn is installed first. DVDFab is another QT based app, but it uses a newer version of the qtcore.dll file, and I've tried substituting that file to use with the Xilisoft app but the Xilisoft app crashes, giving an error message when trying to load the newer qtcore.dll. My next questions are this: #1 - Is Imgburn developed using the QT IDE? #2 - Does Imgburn modify any registry settings related to the .png extension registry settings? I love the Imgburn app and would hate to have to remove it from my unattended setup. Thanks, ben_smith
  4. Hi, I am an IT administrator and do a lot of custum unattended setups for XP and Windows 7. I have come across a serious problem. If Imgburn is installed on a system prior to installing a Xilisoft app, then the buttons in the Xilisoft app will be blank. If Xilisoft is installed prior to Imgburn, then things seem to be OK, except Imgburn takes an excessive amount of time to find optical drives. I've attached a pic so you can see what the Xilisoft GUI looks like with the button problem. This ONLY happens if Imgbun is installed prior to a Xilisoft app being installed. Thanks, ben_smith

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