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  1. Sure, CPU priority sui to be "higher" or even "high" when burning on a drive without buffer underrun protection. There also is some sense to raise CPU priority when burning on underrun-safe drive. But when i am verifying just-recorded disc, please, put priority to "normal" or perhaps even to "lower" When verifying (usually faster than burning, btw) what the sense to sometimes heavily slow down other programs on PC ?
  2. When overburning, some files written at the leadout, would probably fail to be read later. Or would quickly degrade and fail to be reading in afew weeks/motnths Other byurning programs, even w/o overburning capability, usually allows userto sort files by priority. Some files are written at the beginning of imag - slow but reliable, and some at the end - faster but less reliable and quite risky when overburning. ImgBurn unpredicatbly sorts filenames before burning, so i can't tell it which files to put in the end. Wish: make some sort of checkbox for files, that i want to be put at disk tail. Or even better - some queue id a want to put number of cmall files at the tail, sorting them on some priority of my own, which should have more chances to survive and which - less.
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