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  1. Thanks guys. I downloaded VobBlanker and it appears to have split the cell as required, since ImgBurn now allows me to select the point between the new cell 12 and the new cell 13 as a layer break. One more question, if I may. If I break cell 12 into two cells, does there have to be a chapter point at the start of that (new) cell #13? I'd rather not have one, if possible. Equivalently stated, can a chapter "span" more than one cell? I left "Add Program" and "Add Chapter" unchecked in VobBlanker's Cell Split Mode window, but it appears to have added a chapter point at the start of the (new) cell 13. WB
  2. Thanks guys. Here's the log. I think you're right about the file being so large as to not allow padding. I'm not sure I understand this output, exactly, though. Is it saying that if it splits between cell 11 and 12, then one of the layers will be too large to fit? If so, which layer is now "too large"; i.e., do I need to split cell 11 or cell 12? And, of course, where precisely should I split it? Accroding to VobBlanker, 1:19:38.06 is the end of cell 11, and the total playing time of all cells combined is 2:42:17.20. Is it safe to assume I should split at the mid-point (time wise) of the (single) title? Or should I really be trying to find a "number of bytes" target, as opposed to a "time" target, and, if so, what's the appropriate bytes/LBA target? I downloaded and looked over VobBlanker's Cell Split window, and it seems to be presenting intra-cell coordinates in "playing time" not "bytes", so it's not obvious to me where to split. Actually, now that I look again, VobBlanker does report LBAs/sectors, but that's just for the individual cell, not the overall title. According to this link, DVD-9 accomodates 2,084,960 sectors per layer, so, I suppose I should try to split accordingly. Is it safe to assume that all of the non-VOB files will be placed in Layer 0? Any help on this would be appreciated, in particular, on the suggestion of a very simple freeware dvd authoring application that understands this business of layer breaks and takes care of all of this for me. Cheers, WB I 08:54:53 ImgBurn Version started! I 08:54:53 Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 2) I 08:54:53 Initialising SPTI... I 08:54:53 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 08:54:53 Found 1 DVD-ROM and 1 DVD?RW! W 08:56:08 Program 'Debug Mode' has been Enabled! I 08:56:49 Operation Started! I 08:56:49 Building Image Tree... I 08:56:53 Checking Directory Depth... I 08:56:53 Calculating Totals... I 08:56:53 Preparing Image... D 08:56:53 GenerateFileLBA_DVDVideo - Start/End LBA Match - File: VTS_01_4.VOB D 08:56:53 GenerateFileLBA_DVDVideo - Start (With Padding)/End LBA Match - File: VTS_01_4.VOB D 08:56:53 Potential Layer Break Position! - LBA: 2010143 (VTS_01, PGC: 1, Cell: 12, Vob/Cell ID: 1/12, Time: 01:19:37, SPLIP Flag: Yes) D 08:56:53 Useless Layer Break Position! - LBA: 2010143 (VTS_01, PGC: 1, Cell: 12, VIDEO_TS Padding: 102038) - Reason: Cell requires too much padding. E 08:57:09 Unable to find any cells that could be used for the layer break! E 08:57:09 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:00:20
  3. I read this thread and searched for this error message, but it's not clear to me how to "fix" this error. I'm getting the Unable to find any cells that could be used for the layer break message when trying to build an ISO. The input is a VIDEO_TS folder and its contents, all created with dvdauthor and a single MPG2 source file (8,441,763,840 bytes) with no menus. How do I go about splitting a cell or whatever is necessary to make this into a "valid" dual-layer ISO? Like the original poster, I'd rather avoid making a dual-layer coaster if I can. Note that Nero was able to import my original MPG2 file and (ultimately) burn a DVD+R DL that plays fine on my two standalone DVD players ... in case that's relevant. Thanks much for any help. WB

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