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  1. Gutossn

    Error while burning

    Unbelieveable! Is it a game or movie? If a movie, you must rip using DVD Shrink...Or, You'll need a DVD-9. Bye!
  2. Gutossn

    Orkut - Somebody has?

    Orkut is an online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends. ... Join orkut to expand the circumference of your social circle. ... www.orkut.com/ - 6k - Cached - Similar pages Google That's right! hehehehe See ya.
  3. Gutossn

    Orkut - Somebody has?

    Do You know about Orkut? Somebody here joined there? The site was made by turkish/american Orkut, student of Stanford University, CA! Bye.
  4. Gutossn

    Impossible - Burns fine but don't reads! :(

    Let's study the word 'meseum'. In portuguese, the 'place that has old things' is called MUSEU. The word 'meseum' sounds like a 'big table' in portuguese... (mes?o = +/- 'mesaum'). heheheeh OFF-TOPIC! hahahaahha See ya. Guto.
  5. Gutossn

    Impossible - Burns fine but don't reads! :(

    You're right! It's very old anyway! hahahah Thanks for the attention! Guto.
  6. Gutossn

    Impossible - Burns fine but don't reads! :(

    The DVDs that burnt in others DVD Writters works fine here...And the ONLY works here correctly is the DVD-RW... I've reinstall the XP and nothing happens...I'll test it on other computer! Last try... The Media must be awful quality. Fuckin' Chinese Piracy...heheheh Thanks!
  7. Gutossn

    Impossible - Burns fine but don't reads! :(

    Sorry friends! I'll buy good quality medias, to test again! The Firmware is the last available (1.39)! My DVD Writter is Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-110D! My PC: Pentium III 700MHz 192MB Ram HD 40 GB It's an Ancient PC! hehehe Friends, the problem is only when the DVD is read...I don't know why this problem happens! I will reinstall my O.S. and try again! Bye!
  8. Gutossn

    Impossible - Burns fine but don't reads! :(

    Burn but don't verify! I'm tired! I will forget it... Bye.
  9. Gutossn

    Impossible - Burns fine but don't reads! :(

    Thanks! I'll try right now!
  10. Hello people! I'm Guto from Brazil, it's my first post and I need your help! Please, help me! I will tell what's happened when I burn a DVD...So crazy! Read: I'm go to Build Mode, select the folders and files, select the speed (2x), label names, ISO9660 + UDF, etc... The Burning Process runs fine. When the Burning is finished, the imgburn shows that the DVD is a 'Perfect DVD', so I go to My Computer, and the Driver D: is correct, label ok, I opened and all the files are there, I've tested and the musics works good... THE PROBLEM: I close the imgburn, eject the DVD. I 'wait' a minute...So I put the DVD-R again at DVD-ROM and what's happen? Nothing! The Windows DON'T recognize! So I open the Imgburn and the status bar shows "Incompatible Medium Installed"... THE UNBELIEVABLE: I put this DVD-R on my Playstation 2 to listen some mp3s...I've got listen all of them! Perfect! Please, I need a solution! How can I get the files again from DVD to my HD? What's going on? Thank You so much. Guto.

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