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  1. I was unsure of posting as a bug, however, I have never encountered this before with any of the previous ImgBurn installers, nor have I encountered this with any other freeware that is not digitally signed, so I thought perhaps it was a bug in the installer or the certificate, that was my reasoning If there is no bug and this is a false positive it may be worth you registering on the developer White List: http://www.kaspersky.co.uk/partners/whitelist
  2. Long time user of this software, but first time using ImgBurn 2.5.7, just got this warning from Kaspersky: I should mention that I have just installed lots of other software, VLC, Handbrake, etc, without any problems. I did not get any UAC prompt for ImgBurn, just the above warning from Kaspersky. Admin, I chose to cancel the install, feel free to email me for more info. I'll try to look back here if I get time. Thanks.
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