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  1. hilfer

    Audio CD

    Media player ??? can you be more specific please ?? hilfer.
  2. hilfer

    Audio CD

    Hum ok .. will give it a try... tks for the suggestion.
  3. hilfer

    Audio CD

    Which means that I can not uninstall Nero for the moment. tks.
  4. Hi all: I 'm completely new to this and i'm afraid this question may sound stupid. Is it possible to burn normal Audio CD's with Imgburn ?? hilfer.
  5. I found it . Thanks.It works.
  6. Yes I want to keep the AVI together with the SRT file to watch on my PC or on my DVD player that supports DIVX. Tks for yr prompt reply. EDIT: Well, I did it but I have some doubts: before burning it creates another file on HD ?? Cant it be burned directely to the CD, as Nero does ?? or am I doing something wrong ??
  7. Hi all: I use to burn CD ROM ISO with nero, from my AVI files (including subtitles) Can I use imgburn to do that ??? hilfer.
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