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  1. Thank you - for your answer. Your message is OnTopic, thank you (few last user message is not...) This is very good and simple application, I like it, and use this. Backup tool? Yes, too Quick, stable and free. Possible, but not too frequent usage this. Who use really iso9660 filesystem? Minimum joilet (iso9660&joilet), or UDF.I think, who want use really iso9660, this user know, 8.3 character is limit... "Simple" user uses default settings->joilet. Possible, my request (error present...) is not clear, my request pertain to is only joilet filesystem (sorry). "20,000 log entries" this is true, but possible "counter"... But this is not log format, is static format on application form (label). Example : checking ISO filesystem <checkbox> error count <label> checking Joilet filesystem <checkbox> error count <label> checking UDF filesystem <checkbox> error count <label> If error count > 0 then error count label color "be" red These checking works before disc write and after disc write... These examples only idea and examples, not request. You thinking and my thinking is big different, I think file name checking funcion of cd burner application, not user function. Thank you, good idea. ps.: nero say before writing discs is file/directory name is too length - my request is not extra request. Possible topic status change to closed. Thank you!
  2. Sorry, my projects code source length is minimum few thousand lines. Your is beginner I see.
  3. No.......I disagree..........This may be a big problem for you because of your need to use long file names, but I do not see it as a problem for ImgBurn or the 10's of thousands of other users..... This is problem, sorry. I'm not beginner, and i'm programming too... I'm not stupid user. Your answer is not help of many users.
  4. Thank you, (I found this checkbox) but I think I know, this is big problem with ImgBurn. Result writed discs possible unusable. Bad. Etc. Suggest : 1. File name checking correctly before burn 2. Directory name checking correctly before burn if settings / builds / logging doing this (solved this), then why default unchecked? You want many bad writed discs? Or why? 3. File name checking correctly after burn 4. Directory name checking correctly after burn Correct checking = file byte compare + file and directory name. This is sure. 5. Joilet Level 1 is default, suggested Level2 (x). Thank you.
  5. Hi! Possible file system with IMGBurn : 1 ISO9660 2 ISO9660+Joilet 3 ISO9660+Joilet+UDF 4 ISO9660+UDF 5 UDF The default is second. OK, I'm use this. Joilet supported 64 characters (Joilet Level 1) If I burn files and directories to CD/DVD, I want, copied be equal with original. I think every men want this. Problem 1 : before write processing started, ImgBurn don't cheking directory character length -> result is cropped length directories (see may last message, directory cropped 68->64 character...last few character is missing). Result disc is bad. Unusable. Wrong. Problem2 : verify process don't check this problem (!). Result is bad, but the verify process is say : OK! I think, the hdd data equally with writed disc data (!)...but this is bad information. ps.: i know, joilet level 2 know more characters, but the problem is unusable verify processing, which not return with correct information (..and joilet level 1 is default settings). Short : directory name and file name checking is important! Thank you.
  6. Hi all.. One folder name length is 68 character, target is dvd disc, write mode iso9660+joilet (default settings) Burn OK, Verify OK, but manual compare with total commander result is BAD. Why? Joilet default mode only 64 character supported. Directory name on the dvd is cropped. This is normal, but the verify funtcion not cheking this? I think the verify only files, not directiories. Recommended repair this funcition... ps.:Sorry my poor english
  7. Very thank you -> your quick answer. Imgburn is the Best totya
  8. Hi all! My file size is about 3,95GB. I want write to disc. Interesting, under imgburn, iso/joilet mode avaliabe, and write started (...) But, under nero, iso/joilet not available, nero says : 2GB mximum file size in ISO mode. Which good standard, nero (iso single file max 2GB), or imgburn (iso single file max 4GB) ? Thanks, and sorry my poor english. ps: this is great application
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