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  1. peepoil

    CD overburn

    I think I am getting my self confused, sorry It will not allow (recognise) mpeg1's except if using "build" then will not burn, error is "cue sheet not sent" It gets to and past the length warning and then fails. Is it possible to burn mpeg's or am I wasting everyones time.
  2. peepoil

    CD overburn

    OK thanks 99 minutes is all I need, I stopped the burn when the warning appeared. I will try again.
  3. peepoil

    CD overburn

    I use 99 minute /900mg CD's to capture mpeg1 films, how do you adjust the recording length? Nero you can tell it to allow overburn but I cannot find this option for imageburn. When I tried I got a warning that disc was too small.

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