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  1. For the record, these are 4x (maybe they're old) made by Ricoh - media code = "RICOHJPN-R01-02". I shan't ever actually be buying any - as with many folks Sony is on my boycott list these days for multiple reasons. Thanks everyone for clearing up my confusion #39;(
  2. (for the sake of the archives) Just noted that using ImgBurn's check-for-firmware-updates feature opens a page on rpc1.org which says "Pioneer DVR-110 OEM drive", and that the device-capabilities dialog says "Vendor Specific Info: 06/01/26 PIONEER" ... so it's becoming clearer what the drive actually is, but this doesn't help with the change-book-type dialog.
  3. No they're not RW discs. No you haven't wasted them. They are still good for coasters. Okay, thanks. What were they thinking of, picking such an icon for their organisation ... /me starts looking for a DVD+RW Alliance person to punch ... I so know what you mean ... but at least I didn't pay for them.
  4. (sorry - bit of a noob question I fear ...) A friend recently gave me two boxes of jewel-cased Sony brand DVD blanks (they'd bought them by mistake, meaning to buy CD-Rs, and only having a CDRW), and I noticed both the box and the disc cases bear the 'RW' logo, like this : as well as the legend "DVD+R", in somewhat bigger letters. So I thought "Great ! They're RW discs into the bargain ! I can run tests and experiments with them, and just wipe them again afterwards". But it seems I was wrong - it looks like the 'RW' logo may just refer to the "DVD+RW Alliance" (http://www.dvdrw.com/), and the disks aren't rewritable in any sense, and I've just wasted 4 discs ... haven't I ? At any rate, ImgBurn now says the discs I've played with (I tried formatting them, and setting the booktype) have "Status: Incomplete", and it refuses to play with them again. ImgBurn has also said "Erasable: No" from the beginning, but I just thought that meant "nothing to erase" (they said "Status: Empty" at first). Drat ... they're not RW disks, are they ?
  5. I've been exploring the ImgBurn change-book-type feature with some DVD+R discs, trying to figure out whether my drive supports it. It's an Asus DRW-1608P2S, for which there is no explicit tab in the drive-type list of the change-book-type dialog - so I guess I have to hope that Asus drives are OEM'd from some other manufacturer for which there is a tab. Research so far suggests the drive (mechanism ?) is a rebadged Pioneer, and the electronics is from NEC - and that some degree of "auto" bitsetting may be available (depending on exact model) but only for DL discs (why only for DL ?). There's no change-book-type tab for Pioneer drives ... At CD Freaks I didn't find a review of the DRW-1608P2S, but I did find these : DRW-1608P http://www.cdfreaks.com/reviews/ASUS-DRW-1...ner-Review.html Says "tests indicated that this drive does not support bitsetting ... could lead to DVD+R compatibility issues", and also "DVD+R DL discs are set with the DVD-ROM booktype automatically on this drive". Also: "based on the Pioneer DVR-109 drive". DRW-1608P2 http://www.cdfreaks.com/reviews/ASUS-DRW-1...Technology.html Says "The ASUS DRW-1608P2 does not support bitsetting on DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD+R DL media" Also: "based on the Pioneer DVR-110D drive". DRW-1608P3S http://www.cdfreaks.com/reviews/ASUS-DRW-1...ner-Review.html Says "Supports auto Bitsetting for DVD+R DL (BookType DVD-ROM)" Doesn't mention OEM drive maker. A review of the DRW-1608P2S elsewhere : http://www.digit-life.com/articles2/optical/asus1608p2s.html Says "this recorder was an OEM modification of Pioneer DVR-110", and "based on the NEC chipset", and "It automatically sets Book Type to DVD-ROM for DVD+R DL format" Questions : Does anyone here know the bitsetting ability of the DRW-1608P2S ? Is the auto-bitsetting ability of some drives an adequate substitute for manually using ImgBurn's bitsetting dialog ? Do we select the ImgBurn change-book-type tab based on drive make, or electronics make ? Does ImgBurn include a drive-type tab for all drives capable of bitsetting, or only for a subset (perhaps only those with publicly available specs) ? Why would a drive support bitsetting only for DL media ? Don't single-layer discs need it too ? Cheers
  6. Yeah, sorry - that was me muddying the water bringing CDs into it - must try to stay on-topic in future
  7. scuzzy

    Audio CD

    Mmm well it works ok for me and I am no fan of MS stuff but I have no issues with it - it does what it says on the tin and as its pre-installed I will stick with it. I didn't mean to imply WMP is not fit for purpose - it seems a capable enough media player, and has some nice features - it's just that <TIN FOIL>it's got a poor security record, particularly in its later bloat more fancy features</TINFOIL>. I'd like to have its visualisation features but have no interest in things like the skin-downloading stuff that seems to open a dogs dinner of security holes. I feel safer using more focused and leanly-coded programs ... MPC and VLC seem to be adequate substitutes. Of course if I only ever viewed media files obtained from trustable sources then this wouldn't be an issue I confess I didn't know about the beneficial effects of egg nog in this matter, and may subscribe to your newsletter
  8. seems like you are missing a lot by your post , have you read the guides section here? http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=1780 Doh ! I had read some but not all of the tutorials. I read Creating a single layer ISO on your hard drive using ImgBurn, and Creating a double layer ISO on your hard drive using ImgBurn, but for some inexplicable reason not Burning DVD Video files directly to double layer media with ImgBurn (I'm only just starting to play with DL media, so maybe my eyes auto-averted at the time). I especially hadn't seen this crucial bit of your cluebat helpful tutorial : "open ImgBurn in Build Mode and ensure it's set to output to Device" I keep finding more and more bits of this astonishing piece of software - lots and lots of nifty features, just where you want them - it really is a delight. (I just hadn't noticed the "switch to device output" widget during my build sessions - too busy leaping for the "build" button) /me about to remove ImgTool, tipping hat in direction of LUK and Cornholio7 Thanks very much ..... [exits muttering "Must RTFM better ... Must RTFM better ... Must RTFM better .........."]
  9. Searching for tools to make an ISO image some months ago, I found and installed 'ImgTool Classic' by "Coujo" (http://www.coujo.de/). It seems to make the ISO images okay (assembling from a list of files - not copying a disc), though in some recent tests I ran it seems to produce ISO files that are a couple of hundred bytes bigger than an ISO of the same files built by ImgBurn. Both ISOs are acceptable as input to ImgBurn in write mode. ImgTool Classic can't burn, but it has a setup option to enable burning of the built image using either DVDProgramThatMustNotBeNamed or ImgBurn. But I'm thinking that now I've found (and am happily using) ImgBurn, ImgTool is redundant and I might as well uninstall it. In fact the ImgTool author's website indicates he's thinking of abandoning the project anyway .. so it's all a bit dusty there. As far as I can see, the only thing ImgTool gives me that ImgBurn doesn't is the ability to build-and-burn all in one operation .... or am I missing something in ImgBurn ? (Not seeking to knock either one here - just comparing features)
  10. Hmmm ... found a cake of 25 Verbatim CD-Rs today, 52x but not "Super Azo" marked, stating "Made in China" on the wrapper. Didn't buy them. Already have a box of Verbatim printable CD-Rs in jewel-cases, marked "Super Azo", stating "Made in India" - and also have a box of Verbatim "Music grade" CD-Rs, no indication of dye type at all, stating "Made in Japan". All the Verbatim DVDs I've seen say "Advanced Azo", rather than "Super Azo" - variations on the chemical theme I guess. There's obviously a lot more to all this than I had any idea of ... Does "Japan and Taiwan produce about 99% of the discs" apply really to DVDs, rather than CDs ? [Maybe I should take this dialogue off to CD-Freaks forums now - getting a bit OT for the ImgBurn forum ?]
  11. scuzzy

    Audio CD

    One more vote for Burrrn .... "Friends don't let friends use Windows Media Player" (well not past version 6.4 anyway ....)
  12. Thanks - Verbatim it shall be, +R wherever possible. Disregarding the Taiyo Yuden thing, the article does say to buy only discs made in Japan or Taiwan - and all the Verbatim ones I'm seeing say made in Taiwan.
  13. Replying to myself for the benefit of anyone else searching : By sheer coincidence, an extremely informative recent (30th.Oct) article by Patrick McFarland about DVD media : http://adterrasperaspera.com/blog/2006/10/...archival-media/ "How To Choose CD/DVD Archival Media" has just (11th.Dec) been discussed on Slashdot : http://hardware.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=06/12/11/1714232 This article has a fantastic amount of detail, including a good discussion of why +R is better than -R. Note there's also a lot of good info in the comments from readers at the end of the article. Summary: the author says always use only DVD+R, preferably made by "Taiyo Yuden". Avoid all forms of DL unless you really have to, in which case use DVD+R DL. An interesting assertion appears among the comments : DVD-RAM can handle on the order of a thousand times more write-cycles before needing to replace the media than the -RW/+RW types can. Hmmm. (Maybe the link to the above article could be pinned into the Drives & Media forum .... ?) The article says Taiyo Yuden media can be hard to find, but that in Europe, Verbatim media is often really made by Taiyo Yuden - I'm a little puzzled about this - the article says Taiyo Yuden uses a Super Cyanine dye, while all the Verbatim packaging I've seen lately seems to state they use Advanced Azo dye. There's a Taiyo Yuden FAQ at http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=178622 I also found some other links : A useful summary of DVD media types, and video format capabilities : http://www.videohelp.com/dvd Basic descriptions (just Wikipedia stubs at present) : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVD-R_DL http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVD%2BR_DL A short article on the differences between DVD-x and DVD+x : http://netforbeginners.about.com/cs/multim...a/DVD_discs.htm An article about bitsetting (= setting the DVD "booktype") : http://www.cdfreaks.com/reviews/Increased-...bitsetting.html Explains why you can do this with +R but not with -R. The basic thing I've learned from all this is that the DVD-x standards were the first onto the market, but are to some degree a bodge job - the DVD+x standards are by common acclaim much better for multiple reasons. The DVD-x standards are often thought of as more "compatible" simply because more domestic players have been manufactured with them in mind ... but this will likely change over time. (Note: the Videohelp article above gives alleged percentage figures for actual compatibility) Two different industry consortia are backing the two sets of standards, with the DVD+ consortium being much larger than the DVD- one, like this : DVD-x : Pioneer, Toshiba, Panasonic DVD+x : Dell, Hewlett-Packard, MCC/Verbatim, Philips, Ricoh, Sony, Thomson multimedia and Yamaha Corporation
  14. Damn .. thanks for the info. Do you have any useful links you could point me to about the background to this ? I'd like to understand the differences between -R and +R, specifically whatever lies behind the craziness you've observed. I've just read the Drives & Media thread on DVD-R DL (http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=697) and saw it has a failed test, and inability to set the layer break position being reported .. but I'd like to understand more. Well thanks for the suggestion, but I think I'll have to accept the failed purchase - I bought the pack from a small shop, where the owner's a nice guy, and I don't want to give him a hard time - the pack's already been opened and one jewel-cased disk had the shrinkwrap removed - he probably can't send them back to Verbatim (well not unless I can give him more to tell them than "the ImgBurn community has a bad time with -R DL disks" !). Cheers
  15. For my education ... do you guys also approve of Verbatim DVD-R DL media ? I just bought a pack of Verbatim DVD-R DL 4x discs, pack says "advanced azo" (dye ?), and ImgBurn reports "Manufacturer ID: MKM 01RD30". Is that on your approved list too ? TIA
  16. Ah ... point taken. I hadn't tried unchecking the checked option as opposed to just checking the other one. Although ...... what does it actually mean to have neither one checked ? "Create a new log with a different name" ?
  17. Just another extremely minor cosmetic issue with 2.1 : In "Tools | Settings | Events", shouldn't "Append Existing" and "Overwrite Existing" be radio buttons, rather than mutually exclusive checkboxes ? Not that I really mind - it works very well as it is - but radio buttons would be more "standard". Tip o' the hat anyway
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