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  1. jim silvestre

    happy imgburn

    Merry Christmas and a Happy imgburn to all !!
  2. jim silvestre

    image of wv is corrupted

    how do i burn using imgburn wv [wav pack] which has a corrupt cue or image or when clicking the image it shows an error,can i fix the corrupt file or create a new one. how do i create a new image, thanks
  3. jim silvestre

    image of wv is corrupted

    i went to the sites you gave me & installed successfully wav pack direct show filters, when creating the cue file, the same message says connect filters( source, sample grabber) failed!...etc..how come the wv file is playable on windows media player, it plays like a normal audio cd but has no track select.something might still be missing. thanks.
  4. jim silvestre

    image of wv is corrupted

    i've followed your instruction,but another message says: connect filters(source, sample grabber) failed!, reasons no combination of intermediate filters could be found to make the connection.Hint: you may need to install some additional direct show filters in order to support files of this type or the file might be corrupt. Anyway thanks for your support. i'm gonna leave this audio file.
  5. jim silvestre

    image of wv is corrupted

    Climax Blues Band - FM Live (2LP) 1973.cue
  6. jim silvestre

    image of wv is corrupted

    the audio file is climax blues band- FM Live [double album] it has two wv file, 881mb & 812 mb,it has only one disk image file 1.47kb, the error message says frames out of range!. can i burn this using imgburn, is this cd or dvd format? thanks.
  7. jim silvestre

    imgburn using flac & wav

    is there any different in the quality of the cd burned from image of flac & image of wav using imgburn, which sounds better.
  8. jim silvestre

    imgburn using flac & wav

    most of the cd records i've downloaded are in flac or ape with cue files, should i burn it directly with imgburn using the cue file or decode the flac or ape files to wav,then delete the input files[flac or ape] in that folder,then burn with imgburn using cue file, which do you suggest, which has better sound quality.

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