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  1. Unfortunatly, the log can't show what the drive is reporting sub-channel wise, but I guess there must be happening at/around LBA 27647 that the program doesn't want to happen.


    From the log below, I can see in trying to locate the true start of the 2nd track (i.e. where Index 0 start), it's read the subchannel info from LBA 27732 (the reported start of the 2nd track - i.e. Index 1) and then jumped backwards 32 sectors to check that one. It's done that until it reached a sector that wasn't part of track 2 - LBA 27636. Once it's found a sector that isn't part of track 2 it starts incrementing the LBA until it find the first one that's part of track 2.


    For whatever reason, it's not really able to progress pass checking LBA 27647.




    You can use the Sector Viewer to examine the subchannel info reported when reading LBA 27647 (and maybe a few before / after it). You just need to enable the 'Sub-Channel' checkbox and then scroll to the bottom of the window.

    If you go to 27640 and just click the up arrow a few times you should notice a couple of the values change from 01 01 to 02 00. That's the switch from track 1, index 1 to track 2, index 0.

    If the formatting of the subchannel info changes or one of the other numbers that normally increments by 1 suddenly doesn't do that, that'll be the cause of it getting stuck.


    I checked that sector (27647), i found that sector is empty (only contains 0), and the subchannel data looks like strange.


    SUBC : 41 01 05 58 02 E8 00 0C 20 8E A7 0B 00 00 00 80 A..X.... .......


    27646, the sector full of data, subchannel data:


    SUBC : 41 01 01 06 08 46 00 06 10 46 A7 0B 00 00 00 00 A....F...F......


    27648, as you mentioned, here start the track 2.


    SUBC : 01 02 00 00 01 73 00 06 10 48 98 36 00 00 00 80 .....s...H.6....

  2. What have you got the 'PreGap Detection Method' option in the Settings set to? It's on the 'Read' tab.


    Please make sure it's set to 1-2-3 and then try and capture me another log.


    Make sure you press F8 before you click the 'Read' button or I may miss important debug info - and of course, don't cut anything out.


    Many thanks :)


    btw, the reason I ask this is that the program is using a non default method of getting the sub channel info - and your drive is returning loads of bogus/incomplete info.


    It was 3-2-1, I think it remained there since my last tests.

    I've attached the new logs, and the news: the disc dont stopped now, spinned for at least 2 minutes (then i press cancel).

    As i saw, it stopped while tried to read from track 1 (27647)


  3. The disc stopped spinning?! That doesn't sound right - unless of course it was (weirdly) working from cached data.


    You can press the F8 key whilst it's analysing to see what ImgBurn is sending to the drive and what it's getting back. The Log window should basically just be streaming with tons of I/O data - probably the same few commands repeating over and over again as it's stuck in its little loop trying to get one specific bit of info.


    You are right, maybe ImgBurn got answers from cache. I've attached the new log.


  4. Which track is it actually stuck analysing - 'Session 1, Track 2' ?


    Sometimes there's just no way to get past these issues.


    The program wants certain information from a specific place on the disc and the drive fails to return it - or returns bogus info that confuses things even more.


    Hello, i rechecked, and yes. it stay at the "Session 1, Track 2", After about 1 minutes, the drive stop spinning the disc, but i saw still the analyzing text.

    If it helps, only audiograbber can grab that audiotrack correctly, the Windows Media Player tell that track is 45 minutes long, but only 12 mins. May we wrote this disc like this:

    1. write an data + audio mixed disc, leaved it opened

    2. then overwrite some data on that disc.


    I think that could be the failure reason.


    Regards, BLZ

  5. Hello, i read the prev topics about this issue, i've tried the suggestions but nothings help.

    I think there is no driver issue or something like that, cause i grabbed 30 very old CDs today, usually multisessions or mixed.

    I got only one disc, which hangs, I paste the info about that at the end.

    As I see the this is not closed yet, and there was written in 3 session, maybe that could be the key.

    I've attached my logs, but it shows nothing. If you need, im ready to run test-executable which could generate you an appropiate log.




    Current Profile: CD-R

    Disc Information:

    Status: Incomplete

    State of Last Session: Empty

    Erasable: No

    Sessions: 3

    Sectors: 297 547

    Size: 609 376 256 bytes

    Time: 66:09:22 (MM:SS:FF)

    Free Sectors: 30 651

    Free Space: 62 773 248 bytes

    Free Time: 06:50:51 (MM:SS:FF)

    Next Writable Address: 304447

    Supported Read Speeds: 10x; 16x; 20x; 24x

    File System Information:

    Sectors: 297 545

    Size: 609 372 160 bytes

    Time: 66:09:20 (MM:SS:FF)

    TOC Information:

    Session 1... (LBA: 0 / 00:02:00)

    -> Track 01 (Mode 1, LBA: 0 / 00:02:00)

    -> Track 02 (Audio, 11:38:24, LBA: 27797 / 06:12:47)

    -> LeadOut (LBA: 80171 / 17:50:71)

    Session 2... (LBA: 91571 / 20:22:71)

    -> Track 03 (Mode 1, LBA: 91571 / 20:22:71)

    -> LeadOut (LBA: 297547 / 66:09:22)

    Track Information:

    Session 1...

    -> Track 01 (LTSA: 0, LTS: 27645, LRA: 0)

    -> Track 02 (LTSA: 27797, LTS: 52372, LRA: 0)

    Session 2...

    -> Track 03 (LTSA: 91571, LTS: 205974, LRA: 0)

    ATIP Information:

    Disc ID: 97m34s20f

    Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.

    Start Time of LeadIn: 97m34s20f

    Last Possible Start Time of LeadOut: 74m30s00f



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