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  1. But why not the burning speed? That's more important than comparison of the total media size in sectors and bytes? And for two categories. I just don't see the logic behind it. Anyway thanks for your quick response.
  2. Yea,I usually do that (mostl of the time after the damage is done), but as I already mentioned, I don't always buy the same type of media (usually buy a couple of verbatim's or maxell's or for unimportant stuff xwave, CD's, DVD's or DVD-DL thats almost 20 different media types, whichever I found at the store I bought em, usually on the go). Add reinstalling windows to the equation, and you can see why I find lack of this option annoying.
  3. What about when burning files and folders to the disc? From here, through the points where I insert the disc, choose the folders which I wanna burn, click the calculator, which gets me to the disc/volime labeling, and final confirmation dialog (below) there is not a single mention of the burning speed (actually there is one on the device tab of the main dialog, but when you forget to check it, there, you wont get prompted alongside the way) See?! We need just one more row of info on this final window, which is the current burning speed selected. Thanks for the time
  4. Hey, there, thanks for a wonderfull program, been serving well for some time now. But I have one issue. I frequentlly write DVD's with various bulks of data (images & videos from camera, mostly) and sometime I burn a few Linux cd's. And when I do burn CD's I write them at 24x, but I record DVD's with 8x, and dual layer DVD's with 4x. I use various DVD&CD brands (mostly XWave, Verbatim, Maxell, whichever type and max speed I can find) and I didnt have time to add all the brands and types of dics to the definition table so the program can recognize them all. Since I didnt burn anything lately (last one was Fedora few months ago), and my writing speed was left at 24x. Since then I have written 2 DVD's, the first one on a colored verbatim (16x), but it succesfully burned it at 24x, and I didnt notice till it started. Just now i tried burning my stepdad's retirement celebration we hosted, on a Maxell DVD-R (MID was RITEKF1) and it broke because writing speed was still at 24x (it was remembered since the last sucessfull action) Since the writing speed dialog is allready hidden to begin with, from the main window, we could at least have it displayed on the confirmation dialog, after the disc naming and before the actual burning. Thanks in advance

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